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Time, Transdimensional Warfare

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I’n writing what I get as I get them, each day, and this is a whopper, I was never in Vietnam, but when I saw David Corso, I knew him, and where I knew him was in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc., and always on a mission, where we were his protectors/environmental cleaners.

This in itself would have been mind boggling, but this was not the only wars we have worked in, when I say we, I mean the other super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Makers.

Here is a list of some of the wars I remember being in:

1. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

2. World War 2

3. World War 1

4. Civil War

5. Alamo

6. American Revolution

7. Korean

8. Desert Storm

9. Iranian ( watchers )

10. Iraq

Our job is watcher and protector, of certain key personnel which is often not military.

What I’m dealing with

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I found out that my memory has been wiped, or at least blocked, and a total aspect of myself, I knew nothing about, has come to light. This new aspect, for me, is a deadly one. It is a trained assassin, martial artist, weapons expert, political destruct mechanism, protector, electronic expert, demolition expert, mobile construction engineer, survival expert, urban streets expert, psychological ops expert, primal telepathy expert, and much more.

At this time, I am working with these aspect consciousnesses 1. Dream Dancer- Self- Genesis Practitioner, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson- psychic, writer, counselor, 3. Assassin, Dragon, Maker, 4. ET abductee/contactee/planet guerrilla/warrior/ranger, 5. with a final one, which I won’t go into at this time.

The goal is to integrate all of them, into a single consciousness, with total transparenc.y

#2- What is this Post blog about

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

It’s very simple- this blog is going to be a record of what materials I find out, when I bring out an aspect of my being, which has been hidden from me, for 67 years, not counting this year, as I found out about  it thanks to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot, who did an interview with David Corso, and Duncan O’Finican, titled ” the black ops marine and the super soldier “.

I was watching the interview, when I found myself, knowing David Corso, I knew him from the United States military bases, and from Vietnam, where he was the best marine sniper in the Vietnam War. I have not been in the service, and I’ve never been to Vietnam. So, how do I know him?

There are programs run by the military, intelligence agencies, special forces, in partnership ( ha ) with the ETs; who provided several layers of training with super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, who worked soly for the ETs in providing  planetary guerrilla warfare, and taking over of a whole planet, federations, and Scalers, which were a gigantic interactive enclave of planets, solar systems and galaxies, which expanded and constricted, as planets, solar systems, federations, etc., are kicked out, then new ones let in, and the old, if they changed their way were also let back in.

Makers are first team to go into target planets, etc., and to live there, until the governments did something that felt was wrong, and then, they would go to war with this planet, until the Maker, is in total control, and then the ETs come in and set up a government, which is loyal to them, and therefore they have primary contact with them, for trade purposes, and the building of military lines, with super soldier  training, as well as, ultra warrior, Dragon, and finally Maker.

The ETs and the Military are very careful, when they shadow train a maker, for the maker is capable of turning  on them, so they have full genetic makeup of each maker, and hold it as a threat of destruction, to make them obedient to them.

They, also have super soldiers, ultra warriors, and Dragons on call, to go and kill a maker, who doesn’t do what he or she or it doesn’t do what they want, and becomes an external threat to the ETs and planetary military, partners.

Rogue Makers, exist, even with all of this, and they have taken on both the ETs and the militaries, and won, so when the Ancients,  decide to come back into this level, they partnered with them, to hold in check, these Rogue Makers.

Rogue makers, are psi telepaths, beyond Dragon trained, and are so skilled, and so adaptable, they’re hard to find and capture, and they don’t come easily, even with inplants, bots, etc., in them, to help in this process.

To date there are 13 Rogue Makers, and seven Nova Makers, all of which work independent of each other, but who stay in contact with each other; there’s peace between all of them, because of the Star Nova Rogue Maker, the First Calm, who works with all of them, helping them settle disputes within their circle.

We don’t play well with others; so we need a referee- to help us get work done.  We work on a round table in High Regard for King Arthur and the Round Table of Camelot.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


New Insights into subliminal training

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I want to thank Kerry for producing this video, for it is when watching it I found out about an aspect of me, I knew nothing about, but as I watched this great video, I knew I knew David Corso, and I also knew Duncan.

I protected David, while he was in Vietnam, so he could do his sniper attacks on targets in the area, and when he did other things, in other places.

I was never in Vietnam; it heated up after I left basic training, because I realized they lied to me, so I lied to them to get out.

Two weeks after I got out Vietnam started big time, and you couldn’t get out.

What I haven’t known till I watched this video was I was in the super soldier, ultra warrior and Dragon special forces, we worked alone, pairs or in teams, but because they’re who they are, none of the special ones liked working in teams, they preferred by themselves, or with one or two others.

In protecting David, I worked alone, or with another or with two others, depending on his target, how he did his job, and what we felt the enemy would be up to.

We were excellent at our work; and we protected many people, who never knew we were there, for we had many ET devices, we used to make sure they didn’t know we were there, and we also had equipment, that allowed us to tell it where we wanted to go, and it would put us there.

I had a friend and a cousin, I knew of in the war, both worked on helicopters, and the cong, etc., wanted to take them out, and they sent single, or small team of regular army to sneak up on these areas where the helicopters were, when they came back from their runs, both my friend and my cousin, where helicopter mechanics, and would work on them days at a time without sleep.

This helped us, help them, for we made sure no enemy target ever made it close enough to shoot at them. We were under orders to keep these areas clean and habitable.

We did our jobs, and erased all who came to try to sneak in and do sniper, etc., to try to take out these mechanical outfits.

My friend, nor my cousin never saw us, for we are invisible, and we travel by means far outside the military mind, so even if they saw a blur, they would think they were imagining it.

Vietnam was one of the wars I worked; I have been in more wars, more assassinations, more planetary conquests/takeovers, and have created whole new areas in space, where I can travel, live and go anywhere in the Universe.

I am a Dragon, and a Dragon is a Dragon.

Another aspect of me is that I am an abductee/contactee; and I was trained to be a super soldier by the ETs, then they added specialized training to be an ultimate warrior, and then even more training and we could have become like them, with neural networks in us, making us living androids, but we didn’t take them up on it.

This new force was allowed to take on their own name, we named ourselves Dragons:

1. Protector Dragons

2. Zapper Dragons

3. The Dragon Master

We became so good, at fighting and winning, the ETs grew afraid of us, especially in the areas of psychic warfare, transdimensional travel, time travel, history reorganization, and much more.

They put us under deep blockage, which worked, for years, for I knew about my ET abductions, but I hadn’t a clue about this other, till I saw David Corso, and Duncan.

The message within my mind was and is simple-

Protect David Corso.

It is all that is needed; we protect our packages, nothing happens to them. Have we ever failed, almost, but we pulled it out, but we do practice losing, so we can turn it around and make a win of it.

How many Dragons are there; you would be surprised, for we turned many abductees and contactees into hidden dragons, to be called up when we needed them.

They are still timed to become Dragons when we call them.

My heart has been giving me problems, the reason for this is the repressed structure within me, that worked to not allow me to remember, this aspect of my life, and not being able to work through it, it caused a great deal of hidden stress, and so I’m having heart problems now, I had a full day of heart problem today, but I’m getting through it.

Want to know what the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and dragons are like, see GI Joe, and The Avengers- superheros, and show them a billion times more capable, and able to do things that would scare the pants off of a donkey, if they wore pants.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

It seems Duncan and Project Camelot have parted ways, as related by Kerry. This isn’t surprising, because super soldiers are conditioned not to stay friends with anyone for long, they might be compromised.

I am an ultra, ultra supra warrior, in one of the four directions of human psychology and psychic talents, abilities, skills= one direction; super training, and super memory and super hidden agendas and trained responses is the second direction.

3rd direction ET abductee/contactee; and ultra, ultra, vibetune sectra genetic 4; lineage alpha/omega- this is abductions, contacts, genetic tampering, warrior training, they use us as well; so MILABS and other black ops aren’t the only ones who use us, for specialized planetary ops.

4th direction- x-factor, bringing out new talents, abilities and skills, by scientific logic, this is very dangerous, and they have many soldiers around each warrior, to shoot them, if they attack the testers. They found out that didn’t work, and they started doing it on different planets, they had a grudge against, they placed us on the planet, and then would introduce new waves of energy, which we either accepted, and worked with, or didn’t, and took out our anger on the planetary government, destroying it.

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

I have met with people from the CIA, the Military, the White House, Congress, CEOs, and much more; all trying to find a way to turn what we do so well, into a way to help their goals. They are a farce, in this area, there is only one government which has authority over us- and who would that be- Majestic 12, this is the shadow government, which has branches in every country in the world, and who work to contain the ET power and manipulations they do, to keep the front of the outside government in power, so their citizens, don’t know that the real power lies with Magestic 12.

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Dragon is Dragon StyleShift

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Dragons to DragonGhost

2. Dragons are awakening; as are the Godalarians

Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Bladed weapons are dragon teeth