#2- What is this Post blog about

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

It’s very simple- this blog is going to be a record of what materials I find out, when I bring out an aspect of my being, which has been hidden from me, for 67 years, not counting this year, as I found out about  it thanks to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot, who did an interview with David Corso, and Duncan O’Finican, titled ” the black ops marine and the super soldier “.

I was watching the interview, when I found myself, knowing David Corso, I knew him from the United States military bases, and from Vietnam, where he was the best marine sniper in the Vietnam War. I have not been in the service, and I’ve never been to Vietnam. So, how do I know him?

There are programs run by the military, intelligence agencies, special forces, in partnership ( ha ) with the ETs; who provided several layers of training with super soldiers, ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, who worked soly for the ETs in providing  planetary guerrilla warfare, and taking over of a whole planet, federations, and Scalers, which were a gigantic interactive enclave of planets, solar systems and galaxies, which expanded and constricted, as planets, solar systems, federations, etc., are kicked out, then new ones let in, and the old, if they changed their way were also let back in.

Makers are first team to go into target planets, etc., and to live there, until the governments did something that felt was wrong, and then, they would go to war with this planet, until the Maker, is in total control, and then the ETs come in and set up a government, which is loyal to them, and therefore they have primary contact with them, for trade purposes, and the building of military lines, with super soldier  training, as well as, ultra warrior, Dragon, and finally Maker.

The ETs and the Military are very careful, when they shadow train a maker, for the maker is capable of turning  on them, so they have full genetic makeup of each maker, and hold it as a threat of destruction, to make them obedient to them.

They, also have super soldiers, ultra warriors, and Dragons on call, to go and kill a maker, who doesn’t do what he or she or it doesn’t do what they want, and becomes an external threat to the ETs and planetary military, partners.

Rogue Makers, exist, even with all of this, and they have taken on both the ETs and the militaries, and won, so when the Ancients,  decide to come back into this level, they partnered with them, to hold in check, these Rogue Makers.

Rogue makers, are psi telepaths, beyond Dragon trained, and are so skilled, and so adaptable, they’re hard to find and capture, and they don’t come easily, even with inplants, bots, etc., in them, to help in this process.

To date there are 13 Rogue Makers, and seven Nova Makers, all of which work independent of each other, but who stay in contact with each other; there’s peace between all of them, because of the Star Nova Rogue Maker, the First Calm, who works with all of them, helping them settle disputes within their circle.

We don’t play well with others; so we need a referee- to help us get work done.  We work on a round table in High Regard for King Arthur and the Round Table of Camelot.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!