Another incident which allowed me to know about the Maker/Teacher

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

At the same time I’ve been going through all of this, and really what told me something was going on within me, was my right hand and arm. My right hand couldn’t, and still doesn’t want to stand still, it shakes, letting me know, more is going on within me, than I know of.

This is a symbolic message from my inner self, to me, letting me know it is the experience to go into this hidden, unknown aspect of my self, and to work through it, ending in a single organism, with total transparency and total integration, of all these aspects,, into me.

I’m a counselor, so I will work with this new aspect, and bring it out, make it free, and integrate it into me, including all the knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I have gained from being Dragon and Maker.