Afternoon at St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach, CA

Last three weeks my heart a fibulations have been bad, but I breathe deeper, and got through it, but today, I decided I had gone on long enough, so I went to St. Mary’s emergency room, and spent to around 5 o’clock in the emergency ward, from getting there about one o’clock, but everything, except my a fab, was great.

I had tried some new medicine, and it didn’t suit me, and one of my medicines I doubled up on, and I had to cut back, because it was causing my legs to blow up, same with the other, but larger.

Along with all of this is the staggering discovery that I have a whole aspect consciosness, I knew nothing about.

In this regard, I want to go on about the wars I have fought in, the assassins, I did, and how I and others turned the Shadow government on its head, taking control, from MJ12, Illuminati, and other secret societies, who wanted to be in on the greatest secret in human history, we are definitely not alone in the Universe.

MJ12 is the shadow government that operates in the shadowy areas of UFOs, secret societies, free masons, and many other occult things. They operated the Super Soldier, Ultra Warrior, and they tried to control the Dragon, but could not, and in the end, they became under the authority of the Dragon, along with super soldiers and ultra warriors.

Shadow, human underground government, who deals with the ETs, Ancients and others, was begun by the US, and then finned off to other MJ12 shadow governments, to become one world wide government. It pretended to be working for their governments best interest, but this was a scam, which the governments, soon found out, their militaries, decided to strike against the Shadow, which is what the one world government is called, and they tried, and lost, not because of the regular military under the control of Shadow, but because of the special programs of super soliders,

MJ12, then decided the super soldiers, ultra warriors, and the Dragons, were too dangerous, so they sent their military to annihilate all of them- women and men, the pairs they had used as a control on the behavior of both, telling them, they would kill the other, if they tried to defect or go out on their own.

The Dragons, worked alone, or when needed with other Dragons, but they had no partner to give MJ12, control over them, through fear of losing their partner.

The Super Soldiers, and Ultra Warriors, joined forces with the Dragons, and counter attacked all the military forces of MJ12, and defeated them, even the Psychic Squads, they had put into force, as a protection against their super soldiers,, ultra warriors, and the Dragons.

MJ12 had fallen, but what was going to take its place, one person stepped up and formulated a new underground, and a new purpose for it, and he or she or it, named this new connected anti-government Shadow. The government and the communities were connected in circles. The person who started this refused to be its leader, but took on the job of being the anti-authority, who would guard against Shadow becoming power oriented.

No one was forced to stay in Shadow; some of the super soldiers/ultra warriors left, and went on their own, their ability to travel underground ended, and they were no longer Shadow.

However, they were still super soldiers, and ultra warriors, so they were still in the know, above the ground, and in the world of governments of the countries of Earth. l

Shadow is real! Shadow works! Shadow is the underground, but not the black market! Shadow is ultra weapons! Invented by Shadow Master Designer/Teacher!

Each Dragon is a transdimensional warrior; some super soldiers, some ultra warriors are, but Dragons, travel in the usual way earth limitation, other times they travel the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, transdimensionally, which isn’t by wormhole, but by looking and transdimensionally, being where you are looking.

Transdimensional travel works with different periods in experience ( time doesn’t exist ) and may be any point in experience, which may be  transformed, or made stronger, so its good works, will spread far beyond itself, in ripple waves across the universes and realities.

We are now set up to look at the different wars I and others Dragons, have been in:

Napoleanic Wars

other European wars

Pirate wars

African Wars

Russian Wars

Greek Wars

Atlantean Wars

Mu Wars

Giant Wars

other planetary wars

and so on, Dragons have been in wars, skirmishes, feuds, etc., all over the Universes.

They have been very active in future wars, etc., which are even now permeating our present, in ways, most would not even recognize. All of experience is at their interactive presence, with the reality of the experience, in each experience, within the future.

Dragons, Rowdies Rangers are keepers of the Universes, so they work for the betterment of all within each experience.