Black Ops

Protector Dragons and Beyond

This is directly from, a recognition of Don Corso, you can find this video under Project Camelot on You Tube, and in these posts, the video is called the Black Ops Marine, and the Super Soldier. I watched this for the first time, and as I watched, I knew I knew him.

Don Corso was the best marine sniper in Nam; he remembers nothing about it; his mind has been wiped. Duncan the super soldier, ran into a military man, who had been seen by him, when he was thirteen or fourteen; Duncan asked if he might know Don Corso; the man said Don Corso, no mor;, he go up and walked away.

Duncan met a second man; and asked if he knew Don Corso, the man described Don to the tattoo on his arm, then said he was the best marine sniper in Nam.

After viewing this, something came into my mind- Protect Don Corso, it kept running over and over, it was a direct imprintation into my consciousness and subconscious; I was to protect him and make sure he carried out his orders, of assassinating those targets, military and intelligence, and black ops hierarchy wanted erase. He was to do it; we were just to make sure he had the opportunity to do it, and to guard his perimeter, when he traveled to where his target(s)were, and while he did the job, and then when he went back to OK Corral base, or went on to his next target; we guarded him at all times..

I was a Protector Dragon; and it was my job to keep certain people alive, so they could do their work; another American I watched over, was Jane Fonda; she made a mistake in the eyes of Americans, but for the future; she set about a new way of showing patriotism- by standing up for what you believe in.

Here is more:

1. Lake Havasu- is the underwater gateway to the Interdimensional gateway, and is the home gateway of the Protector Dragons. It is where we pass to go on to assignments, both alien codes and human codes.

2. Lake Havasu- is the doorway to the underground, carved out stretches of caverns, stretching for miles, radial out from a central point, Lake Havasu; some are human tunnerls, but most were carved out with alien tools, by Dragons, which took like maybe two to four hours, to finalize a tunnel, underground, and was also used for human underground bases, throughout the world.

3. Point of Incoming and embarkation, for Dragons

4. They are, also, a deportation point for Silent Strike Dragons ( Silent Stealth- to human military and intelligence, we didn’t like the name ).

5. Pass through tunnels, for the 10 Ultras Beyond Top Secret Dragons, ergo- The Invisible Dragons.

6. Infinity Beyond Beyond Top Secret; humans and aliens alike call him/her/it The Magician; Strike Force One.

7. Dragons, called this Dragon- DragonMaster.

8. This underground base and tunnel symbol is a Hummer Base.

9. It is the 4 Black Black Ops Symbol Transformer- Interdimensonal

10. Ultra become Zapper Dragons.

11. Orders are given and received by Telepathic Imprintation, with interdimen rhytmatic vibration.

12. Interdimensional spokes run all over the world, and there are gateways all over the world.

13. Protector Dragons

Silent Strike- Zapper Dragons

Ultra 10 Invisible Dragons

DragonMaster; Interdimen Source; Teacher

14. Interdimen humans are on the moon, mars; humans are limited to only this solar system; Interdimen gateways exist on or above each

15. Interdimen travel beyond DragonLair ( our Solar System ); to nearby solar systems, they are held to this dimen travel

16. This includes parallel dimensions, universe, times, etc. reflective of this universe and solar system.

17. The constellation travel through lower levels of interdimensional travel lanes, the Ancients have gone higher, and with more knowledge, but their dependence on light of suns, keep them from going higher.

18. Dragons are picked by talent, not nationality, politics, etc..

19. Human and alien interaction has always been tenacious at best; especially in the Gateways; alens and Ancients are still trying to get into these areas, to corrupt them; they have signed treaties with human governments, always with the idea of getting into Haven, the Interdimen area covered and protected by Dragons. This holds true even when the secret world government tries to help them, like when they formed the Majestics, here in the US- they were called Majestic 12; but this was a misnomer, for there was and are more than one Majestics in countries, states, etc., all over the world, this is Called the Majestic Platform. The individual Majestics are called the Majestic Grooves.The way the Majestics rule is with the help of the Men in Black- Robotic Minod;.Majestic Grooves aren’t for finding out about aliens, but to govern all contact with them, and to negotiate treaties with them for weapons, etc. they use military to disperse what they got/get from the aliens.

20. Majestics are made up of only the top scientists, politicians, etc., for the aliens are so advanced, geniuses are needed to try to understand what they’re talking about. It has done no good, that is until the Dragons entered the picture, Majestics tried to contain them, and sent the Men in Black to contain them, the Men in Black didn’t come back, and the Majestics confined themselves to the alien cultures they were dealing with.

21. Majestics oversee all reverse engineering, and its outsourcing- to manufactures, this is always done by military personnel.

22. Each ultra can go up 10 steps in training and ability, none know where the other is at, and all are individualistic, but can come together where joint black ops is needed. This info is on a need to do basis only.

23. The Majestics are the secret world government; but they are contained by the Dragons, and others.