Interdimensional Travel

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube

▶ Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior – YouTube.

1. Lake Havasu undewater portal, transdimensional travel, and war orientation of targets to eliminate

2. Embarkment and Incoming transdimensional traffic.

3. Departure of Protector Dragons.

4. Departure of Silent Strike, silent stealth, Dragon.

5. Pass through point for 10 ultra top secret, the Invisible Dragons.

6. Infinity beyond ultra 10: the Magician, Strike Force One, Dragons call this being- DragonMaster.

7.This base is a Hummer base.

8. All of these are black, black, black, black ops.

9.Ultra becomes Zapper Dragons.

10.Orders are given by telepathic imprintation, with interdimensional rhythms.

11. Interdimensional gates are all over the world.

12. A Dragon is a Dragon-

1. Protector Dragons- Stepper Interdimen

2. Ultra Silent Strike Dragons- wiper dragons then zapper dragons

3. Dragonmaster- Interdimen Source ( Teacher )

13. Interdimensional gate travel to Moon, Mars, and many other points in the whole Universe.

14. This solar system is Dragon Lair- Solar System.

15. Includes parallel universes, dimensions, reflects this universe.

16. Constellation and the Ancients fly interdimensionally all the time, and have found other gates to use.

17. Dragons are selected by talent alone.

18. Aliens and humans and other primitives pass each other in the interdimensional gates, and the hatred is palletable, but most humans are both deadly warriors, and abductees/contactees. The aliens try to go into areas and make treaties, they have no intention of keeping, but this gives them time to set up their outposts, to spearhead an invasion if necessary.

19. Majestic Grooves are Majestic 12 in every country in the world, and not necessarily with governments, they handle all interactions with aliens.

20. Underground bases, have interaction between humans and aliens, and there is cover stories, to have the military and governments off the truth that Majestic 12 shadow government is running all interactions with aliens, and their use of humans by treaty.

21. Majestic twelve, runs all operations between humans and aliens, and solely with humans to make weapons that will match the aliens. Underground bases are also for alien hybred birth tanks, with human men and women.


Orphan Interactive 5 color Rainbows

1. Tai

2. Ti

3. Do

4. Pacific Ocean

5. Or

6. Hu

7. Ja

8. Ru

9. Ru1

10. Hzgi

11. Paris

12. Berlin

13. Vn

6. Brazil