The Way of the Unknown

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The question comes around, who is the power behind the making of super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and Makers. 

Here in lies conspiracy- there are two levels of the vast conspiracy, going on with the underground power structure that has been going on in all countries. This underground movement was started in the early times when money, power, goods, and war began. 

There has been many secret societies, who claim to be the one- who has the answers, but all of these societies were infiitrated by the real power structure, and the real world wide underground.

The beginning of the lookout, for how to create super soldiers, was brought into being by the new minds of all the countries, who wanted to find the way to create soldiers, who could be worth ten or more regular soldiers, so they began to look into all the books, went to lectures, etc., trying to find a real science, which would help. them toward their goal . 

While they were doing this, they started on another path, to create chaos and war in the world, so they could see if this would breakout humans, who would be super soldiers, and at the same time, hide their manipulations of monies, into black ops, so no one would know about them. 

The more violence erupted, the better the Freeze liked it; they watched the violence with anticipation of finding those they could train as super soldiers, but it was too slow a process, so they looked to where they had stayed away from for decades, the UFOs, they had been keeping track of. 

The ETs were doing whatever they wanted, in kidnapping humans, so the Freeze decided, why not counter kidnap them and take them through deep deprogramming, hypnosis, drugs, and other things, which they hope to extract knowledge from the humans picked by the ETs, for kidnapping, and who were being put through all kinds of interactive violence, manipulation, and used as planetary processors, who would be placed on a planet they wanted to trade with, and they would live there, until the government did something they didn’t like, then they would take over, make one world government, and set up contracts, lucrative to the ETs, of course, but also, for the world governments, thus there would not be a revolution against the world government the planet processor created, for them.

They went into this following the ETs works, then kidnapping the same humans, etc., and started creating a phenomena library, of all that these humans, etc., had experienced, or the most they could get out of them, by getting past the blocks the ETs put in them, so they wouldn’t remember their kidnapping.

At the same time, a world wide watch went out for UFOs, crashes, left things, and those things the kidnapped could remember, and do, by the training the ETs gave them, in all sorts of conditions, many were in the protection, and defense of the ETs, but also of their ships, and their trade operations on planets all over the universe.

What the humans didn’t know were about the Duck Blinds, observation posts around the world, watching human activity and emotional responses.

These Duck Blinds, were not just for observations, but to bring participation into what was going on, in the areas they were watching, so that they could push human history, and progress, into areas and ways beneficial to their plans and designs upon the human race, and all other living beings on it, as well.

This brought into being secret societies, and societies of the sciences, etc., who may or may not have known, who they were really working for, but their dedication to science, soft science helped the progress of the Dictates, used to be the Freeze.

It is now within the 1700s, that the first traveler came through and began an association with the Dictates, which would hold as long as they worked for all of humanity, and not just themselves, and their class. 

These travelers were from the future, and were coming back to help them, contain the violence, as best they could. However, humans have been guided to well, to see violence and capturing booty as the best way to gain even more riches.

These travelers stopped coming in this period, but came back at other times, to try to help the human race, but to no avail, war was and is the life blood of conquest, heroism, and booty.

These were time travelers, and the lowest echelon of the Travelers, the next Travelers were those who traveled to nearby planets, and explored them, To their surprise, there were many buildings, etc., on other planets, and all of them were in working order. They wanted to break into them ( booty time ) but found they couldn’t, but their surprise and frustration, carried to the nearest stars, to the star eye center of the Star Kings, who made a pilgrimage to these planets, to see if the shells were still holding up, and not allowing anyone, but the Ryder, to get into them, and they were.

They were satisfied, and left, but in doing so, they placed a Star Center on Mars, to keep the strongholds sealed, and to keep humans out of them. Ryder would not take kindly to their breaking into his warehouses and what he had placed there.

They left.

They were back among the Stars.

Human history continued, and with it, new governments, new sciences, and new controls on how to control humans, and to create them into the super soldiers, and now, ultra warriors, they were looking for, and when they weren’t needed they were mind wiped/blocked, so they would not remember any of their programming and training.

David Corso, Duncan and myself have all been through this several times.

Recognition has come; with recognition, comes freedom!