Psi Attack on my heart

I put out that I was having heart trouble, to see what kind of reaction I would get, and I got a vicious hit to my heart, from unknowns, very bad idea, to do that, payback is a bitch!

Something else happened along with this, but I can’t remember it at the moment.

We have talked about the Shadow, how it is the power of the government, now, and the one you see everyday, is just a facial, so no one will look past it.

Now, we’re going to expand on that- get over what you know about your daily reality, there is so much more going on that humans are totally in the dark about.

Stargates, doorways, dimen mats, transdimensional stepping, and much more, is how the Dragons, get on to their assignments.

Dragons, practice their arts, all over the Universe; they are both MILAB products, and specialized trained by the ETs to handle their jobs, they want done, but are to finincky to handle it themselves.

Some Dragons style shift, as well.

There are some Dragons, who transdimensional step, and are known as the travelers, and they work for no one, which scares the crap out of the military, the governments on Earth, and the Shadow, for they are the light of the Shadow.

Things are changing; more Dragons are waking up to the fact they were super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, and many are working to become Makers.

Now, about this bit about handlers, partners, etc., I never liked working with handlers, or partners, for they put these humans, etc., there to be able to control what you do, and keep you focused on the job at hand.

I choose my own job at hand. and anyone who doesn’t like that- stick it!

I work for myself now, and though, I still get abducted, I now, allow it to go on, or I disappear, which perturbs them to no end, and we’re a major force in the Universe now, To show them what we think of them we are Rowdies Rangers,  and to a special unit, which fights with the ETs most, as well as, the Ancients,  is called the Dangling Jackal, meaning what you see, is bait, for you to come in and try to do something, stupid, then the Ranger finishes the job.

My brother is a hero; he was kidnapped, a clone put in his place, and then the clone, and my brother’s best friend., were set down, on the road and allowed to waken, just before they were run into a huge tree, my brother was supposedly killed, and his best friend, was severely injured.

I believed this for over 20 years, till I felt he wasn’t dead, and found him on a prison planet, and destroyed, it, and got him out of there.

I then took him to a planet, where Rowdies Rangers, were doing something, and he stayed there.

I have to laugh, when I hear about how abductees try to contact aliens, when all you have to do is feel the aliens you want to talk to, and talk to them.

Same goes for the powers that be; if you have something to say to them, or they have something to say to you, just feel them, and talk.

Abductees, may or may not know, they have implants, bots, and etc., within them, but what I know is that my eyes are cameras as well, and what I do and play everyday, they can see.

I was at a UFO Conference, and while listening to a lecturer, I suddenly was triggered, and I got a visual connection to a  tv studio set, or a set upon a space ship, but it was only visual, the audio didn’t work. They were the Peleidians, so they said, but I have no proof of this, but it took me two or three weeks to put my brain back to wholeness, for they split my brain into two whole brains, so they could have visual and audio.

The funny thing about this is I met Dr. Steven Greer, and told him, about it, I don’t think he believed it, but that’s not unusual in this field.

A New Message for the Universe: The Star Kings are Awakening, and they shall take their rightful place in the Universe!