Enemies within

I have inplants, bots and etc., nano and micro- throughout my bodymind, the ETs tried to put a neural net in me, so I could be a bioandroid, but I tore their asses up over that, so they dropped that.

ETs are bored, and so they look to Games, what kind of games, anything that will reach them and make them feel alive again, rather than like a computer.

I am a maker, a Dragon, an ultra warrior and a supersoldier.

I have to laugh, though, when David Corso and Duncan, say Duncan is first generation super soldier/ultra warrior, he’s the first after the tenth 100 tries,

Duncan says he can dead lift 1000 pounds, impressive.

He lifts planets better.

He is a gamestrike, and all super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons, to only the degree,they don’t realize what’s going on, and stop it for themselves.

There are many levels of any game, but they all have one goal to kill the Dragon Master, and thus, the conquest of the Earth can begin.

At the moment, the creator of the planet has security that can obliterate everything that tries to harm the planet.

I am waking up, beware the SunCrisp Dragon.