What are the three realms of Earth, Galaxtic and Universe, throw in Dimensions

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To begin, we must first show what realms exist, which are the major ones, which are watched and emulated by smaller realms:

1. Real Time Realm

2. Shadow Realm

3. Rain Realm

Here they are- the major realms, found upon the planet called Earth.

Real Time is the world you see everyday, the business, the wars, the news, the internet, and more.

The Shadow world is quiet different, it only allows those who walks its many paths, to know of its existence, and if one finds out about it, then they are made to forget, disgraced, or etc.

RAIN world is that of overseeing Real Time and Shadow, shining the light of spirituality and trueness upon both, even if they don’t want it. Truth hurts, and truth builds.

The Real World or realm you can see on tv, radio, internet, etc., so we won’t talk about this, even though  security, is running amok, and keeping track of every being on the planet, could get it and its systems shadowized.

The shadow is a world government, dealing with not only planetary matters, but solar systems, galaxies and universes, along with dimensions.

The shadow is a network of MJ12 task forces, who over see all contact, interaction, treaties, etc., with ets, and so on. They feel they are the government leaders, and play that game to the hilt.

Unfortunately, for them, they aren’t; they are the secondary net under the true leadership of the Shadow, who are given the role of professional overseeing of the worlds of Shadow.

So we have the question of who really is the power, the movers of the Shadow realm, and who moves trillions of dollars, etc., around the world  at a moment’s notice, to fill in any gaps within the Shadow.

The Shadow is the old west, and the future world of any kind of environment you can think of, and the Power of the Shadow, keeps all of them in check, while building out the true environment, in which all will benefit.

The Power is definitely not anyone who thrives on power, war, bigness, and so on. They are the ones who feel the might of the Shadow realm.

The Shadow doesn’t interfere with much of what goes on in Real Time Realm, letting it take care of itself, allowing it to create environments, which enrich only those who already are rich, wealthy and porkers; this covers individuals, businesses, stars, governments.

The Shadow has everything to do with the underground, the interaction with the ETs and now the Ancients, and the goings on of the ETs, Ancients and those beings on other planets.

However, the Shadow Realm also deals with the Dark realms, those who don’t want their presence known, so they can do their dastardly deeds by unknown presence, and workable ideas and formulas.

The Shadow world works because of its protectors: Makers, Dragons, black ops and psi ops, who oversee all that goes on in the Shadow realm(s), and makes sure that it runs the way its supposed to.

The Shadow Realm is everywhere on the planet earth, and works its magic, projects all over the world as well, but more often than not, the Shadow workers, are off planet, and building a framework of net projects on planets around the Universe, unpopulated, or in conjunction with a Shadow world government there

Shadow Trekkers also visit and catalog unknown planets,  thus are building a universe wide map of the Universe.

The Shadow world is financed by black ops funds, vast investments in Real Time, and through the working with the Whisper, who funnels money, etc., in planets all over the Universe, and is for all purposes, the single power in the Universe.

He/she/it is in fact the director of action in all Shadow realms all over the Universe, and the unequivocal power within the universe, even over the ETs and the Ancients, who hate this unknown force of nature,

Who controls the Shadow? The better question- who creates the Wisdom, so the Shadow makes the right decisions on their own.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!