Wherein is the truth of the spirit and not of the mouth?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Now we know the realms of the Earth, and beyond, but do we really, the Planet Earth, is a mystery, even to those who think they have solved almost everything. What they have solved is what their interests bring them to.

Mathematics, physics, etc., are simply languages, and languages reflects those who create it, so if you want to design answers, you do so by limiting the language to what you believe it to be, and see only that which you want to see, and which language you use, limits your insight into what lies around you.

What does this mean? StarGates, Trans Mats, Transdimensional steppin are quite different; the first two are language bound, and the third has no language, only action, and not what is seen, but what is focused on. What is focused on, is as close as a step.

Stargates and Trans mats are outside dependent, and get lost in trying to figure out the distances, etc., of what is happening, they have lost the talent, skill, ability to be a Traveler. A time traveler, perhaps; no an experience traveler, for time does not exist, except in the language of the outer directed, who spend all their time, in learning the minute equations of outside.

True experience, has no language, only action, and it is only afterwards, that language is found to say what it is to experience without language.

May the Force be with You!