What is life in the Shadow World Government

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

You now know there’is a one world government, working in the Shadow, but is it a help or a hinderance to human living, development and prosperity.

If the committee had their way, it would be based on an academic model, but, and there’s always a but, you then have the military, organizations, ETs, Ancients, and others, who want to have their slice of the power, prestige and fortunes made.

Civilization is alive and well in Shadow, and there are communities, banks, etc., which serve all those who live, work, and grow in Shadow.

There is a vast tension, between governments of the world and the Shadow, Trade and Finance communities, all over the world. The MJ12 committees, did not want a governing body, which was anything like the governments, so they tried several models, but none of them worked, so they went to opposites of what they had tried before, which went better, but still didn’t fit the bill.

The outside is made up of open source centers, which them breakdown into subcenters, which can be easily gotten into by any person/being in the Shadow. The best example is a collider, with its largeness, and its generators, pushing the light, energy around and around.

Shadow Trade and Finance is set up that way, where each committee is an intregal aspect of the whole, and has its own surroundings to deal with, but underneath it is within the Shadow movements of Trade, Finance and Service ( it is service that makes all of it work, for service is not only service on Earth, but it is hooked into its branches all over the galaxy, and the universe, and there is vast amounts of all kinds of natural resources available, for trade, buying and working, as well as, service- to those, who are there to get their products to market all over the galaxy and the universe ).

Service is the key, for it what makes the Shadow run, and what makes it different from world governments, it is one continuous running whole, which works with all within it, and freedom is the code word/key, which makes it all run, but the goal isn’t to rape and pillage, but to build, construct, take car of the environments, and travel the universe.

This means its a plus government, where the individual world governments are negative governments. The Shadow government is a financial wonderland, and trillions of cash, etc. flow through the circle, as well as, millions of tons of cargo, etc., and it is heavy in the creative arts.

This is the white fence of the Shadow world, but what makes it a Shadow world is the dimensional doorways, stargates, transmats, and other things, but this is just the red fence of the Shadow world.

The cosmic illusion, coming to you through mental virtual reality, which allows you to create your own worlds, and universes, is the green fence of the Shadow.

The next realm found around the Shadow, is the realm of the Spirit, where spirit meets creativity, and the worlds/realms of beauty, truth interrelate and create not foundations, but the stuff foundations can be made of. This fence is yellow.

Realm of telepathic expression, is the realm- where psychic talents, abilities and skills create the environments best for the telepath, who is living in this realm. This fence is blue.

The last and great realm is the realm of the source beings, who move, breathe, and live in action, which comes to be found within the other realms. This realm is crystal white/crystal white light.

These realms move, fluxuate, spin, etc., and in doing so, create the true structures and non-structures of Shadow.

Each realm has its backers, and they try to do what is best for themselves, but at the same time what is bes,t for the wonder of Shadow.

Many gates lead from and into Shadow, and the adventure had there effects the vibration, the energy, the expression the experience of Shadow.

May the Force be with You!