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Kal: Star Empire

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The OverDyne, of Shadow, want more and more technology, not at the cost of what the ETs charge them, but the ones left by the Star Empire: Kal.

They don’t want technology; they want the ones, who exist, in the many lands of the world, the planetary wonders of the Craigs, offshoots of the Mountains of the Himilayas, which are one of the outposts of an old star race, who lived here, as part of a vast Star Empire, and this was the farthest outpost of that great empire, so they put in place vast virtual weapons, to protect this end of the Kalllaalll Empire.

Or rather they hired the Weaponia, to do it for them, for they could make it, but it would cost too much,so they hired the virtual reality expert/wizard/creator to put into place the Nangerene, or the line of destruction, to any who would try to come into the empire, without permission, or who attacked the Kal colony, which was both military outpost, and scientific teams, as they tried to figure out how the Weaponia, made weapons of virtual reality, be real, and be able to use them with deadly force, if the need arose.

These weapons are still around, and just as deadly now, as they were when they were created, nozzled by the Weaponia.

The OverDyne of Shadow, are using everything they can to find these weapons, virtual weapons, which are here, but you have to know how to get to them to use them, so the OverDyne and the ETs are in a race to find those who can help them do this, being the reincarnated peoples of the Kal, and who know how to work the Virtue, virtual reality weapons, of far beyond mass destruction, and to get beyond the Nangerene, defense system, for to awaken it, is to be destroyed, if you do not know how to power them down.

They do whatever they have to to help in their search, for these memory treasures, are you one of the reincarnated Kal, and have you been abducted, or used as a section of the Great Library, with hidden codes, seeking Kal memories within you.

Good living!

MJ12- a fictional reality

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

MJ12 is the real power behind world governments; every country has one, and they’re gathering their powerbases, to get ready to deal with the panthers, they created, and who are now ready to come back, to take them out.

MJ12 is now called OverDyne, of Shadow, a name, which all aspects of the Planet can utilize, without it being realmistic, to any one area.

They’re the sole authority in dealing with UFOs, ETs, and anything else associated with the paranormal, parapsychology, UFO phenomena, the recruiting and mind controlling, supersoliders, ultra warriors, Dragons, and when they can, Makers.

This authority has been taken from them by Rowdies Ranges, made up of UFO abductees, who have been trained aboard Motherships, and have banded together to create Rowdies Rangers.

Rowdies Rangers, are what the ETs called the primitives they have met in the galaxy, and far, far, beyond. They look down upon them, but they don’t anymore.

Rowdies Rangers on July 4, 2010, destroyed all operations, on Near Earth, and have done so, twice more, as the ETs try to regain their Indestructo labes, without success. These labs are to create a bodymind, which could not be destroyed by anything, they would even weather a Big Bang, by being the ones who create it or if they didn’t create it, to be able to ignore its explosive nature.

There is now a new network of supersoldiers,  ultra warriors, dragons, and makers, who call themselves the Digonia, or the Dragon Folk, or the Diogenetic, who have been supersized in one way or the other, to make the human or primitive into what they want them to be.

Those who want to join Rowdies Rangers, are shown how to be with them, by being in another well established network or organization, called Jedi Knights or many are happy simply being within the Jedi spiritual path. These are those who want to be trained as a ranger, diogenetic, jedi knight or jedi.

Jedi Knights and Jedi are equal in all ways to Rowdies Rangers, but they may or may not have been abducted more than once, and thus, are part of the  Every Partner Family Network, meaning every person you’re sexually appointed to, becomes your husband, wife, or domestic partner.

For more on Rowdies Rangers:

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they’re entertwined with videos and written posts on UFOs, Whistleblowers, and truth warriors.

Welcome to the new planet freedon- INDIE!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

Super Soldiers- are they simply trained killers or killers who fight their commands

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Human governments and citizens are caught up in the stupidity of the philosopy of war, psi ops, psy ops, and more and more ops.

Politics is compared to chess, a game of strategy, or Go, or any other game of strategy, which leads to tactics, logistics, maneuverability and surprise.

All of the above is shaped by reason, intellect, guesswork, projection, movement of troops, war machines, food, etc.. There is a saying a troop wins depends on how full of a stomach they have.

War colleges look to an ancient book, as one of their training manuals- Sun Tzu- The Art of War; this book is the height of the stupidity of war and the pulse of nations, who want to go to war, for prestige, power, and to feed the kitty of the rich and wealthy, so they grow ever richer and wealthier. This book is a travesty of intellect, and its a world stopper, in that, those leaders and military experts, who include The Art of War, are stoppers on their civilization, and put it facing backward, toward the time, when blood and guts were a normal day’s work.

Now, today, we’ve expanded the stupidity of war, conflict, biogenetic warfare, and more, all made to kill and destroy, rather than build and simplify the truth of living in peace, by building peace from within, each individual, who then transfers it into the world, making the world, his/her culture, and his local neigborhood, a growth oriented society, and a welcomer of new ideas, inventions and designs, to build a peaceful, growing, building society.

The government, military, criminals, politicians, etc., want to stop wonder, and build up a military-defense complex, in every nation in the world, so the military can play at warfare, and either win or lose, with deaths and takeovers, as the winners booty, and the losers fading out of history.

To make it even more bloody, the military, intelligence agencies, etc., decided to build super soldiers, ultra warriors to turn chosen citizens into super soldiers naturally, with hypnosis, sonics, light, vibrations, terror, dream slaking, deprivation, and creative adaptation through drama, yoga, mind control, psi ops, psyc ops, and more.

The use of military training, special forces training, etc., is geared toward the super soldiers, interest, and marital arts are daily activities. The same applies with the ultra warrior, but the ultra warrior is turned into a single warrior, the only one he/she will work with is their handler, and their scanner.

They’re treated with experimental drugs, very carefully measured, and are tuned with keywords, sounds, music and movements.

They are on the operating table, in a cube, etc., as much as they’re in training.

High Stupidity!

These recruits are either ET abducted, and then brought into MILABs, or they’re chosen by  astrology of their birth, and then picked up from baby, or before, when the mother and father are picked up.

We will go into those who are abducted, in another post; this one is about those who were chosen at birth or before.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are given many situations, training situations, memory situations, and more, but the most important to the military and the politician, is to use them to create strategies, tactics, etc., for wars on the Earth, or how to stop ETs from winning over the military, like the battle at Dulce, NM.

The military fought a usual strategy, and lost.

ETs are well versed in war, terror, crime, piracy and much more. They learn from humans and other primitives.

The super soldiers and ultra warriors are only used in special actions, for they’re kept in readiness to defend the ruling politicians, and to take on the ETs on their own terms.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are used in human politics, as assassins, and other dark missions, and are kept under strict control, by their keywords, handlers, and by their need for the serums, which give them insight, and fast reactions, as well as, in many, strength to handle heavy objects- living and not.

The super soldiers and ultra warriors, are ravaged by their government, to do its dirty work; with little care about their lives, hopes and dreams, this is the climate in which the Dragon is born.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are real; they are your neighbors, friends and companions. Be Free!

Human militaries don’t breed soliders, they breed track stupidity

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Where do governments go wrong, the first step is to call up a militia, and train them environmentally, rather than with Mental Storms, and Life Imprintation. Depth Reality Training, and Natural Implementation of Psi Ops, Psych Ops, and more.

Environmentally trained soliders,are pushed through outside training, that is made to become a part of them, through repitition, and a mindset, which allows them to kill, and push the killing out of their mind, so they can keep on killing, in war, or in oversight, and more.

This training is not natural to their natural life, so it becomes an overlay, which they must accept while a soldier, but when they come out, then this overlay wants to stay in command, and the soldier wants to go back to his natural born life achievements,

Why? The soldier is forced to put this within his being, as a robot, rather than a living person. The military and the governmen,t then dump these soldiers back on society, who, now, are expected to bring out their natural living achievements, and dump the overprogramming they received, followed by the truth of their new abilities, to end life, rather than to enhance it.

The soldier may put it to the back of his/her mind, and able to work, and to live, as if the same as he/she were before they became soldiers, others won’t, they will not be able to bring the natural them out again, for they have accepted the killing machine they have become, and if they try to hard to dump it, they become at war with themselves.

This is the Stupid Way to create Protectors of the Realms, not the governments, but the people, who live within the realms.

What is the Intelligent way, to train protectors, not soldiers, by enhancing them, so they know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and  they’re capable of doing what’s necessary, to bring about a satisfactory ending, to the necessary movements, to bring about a furtherance of natural, organic, freedom, of every individual in the Universe or Universes.

This knowledge, education, and experiencing, isn’t told to the trainee, as do this or be shipped out of the military, but is done in a way to open him/her up organically, so the Path is always Discovery, and with Discovery, Surprise, Happiness, and Organic Understanding.

This Path, allows the trainee to experience his self, and what to do in outside circumstances, so it becomes a life record and immediacy action, to stop the danger, and create harmony, within the setting once again.

By learning this, the trainee, progresses along the Path of Dragonstrike, and becomes not a Dragon, but a ryder of the Dragon, or the realities, and thus may do all sorts of things, soldiers don’t, and may never learn or experience.

Soldiers progress along the path of Dragon, which means forcing an ideology upon the consciousness of the individual, a foreign stamp of directed living and experiencing, which is done with the goal, of doing it, when the time is right, by unconscious action, which makes it happen much faster, than if it’d been a conscious reaction.

Soldiers are basically AIs programmed by their training to not be who they are, but to be and live what they are trained, robotic soldiers.

Each of us must decide our paths- Dragon ( soldier ) or Dragonstrike ( Organic Wholeness ).

May the Microcosmic Fprce be with You!

Philip Corso Sr.

I just listened to Philip Corso Jr., give a two hour talk on radio, about his father, and what his father knew and shared with him.

Listening to him, and what he brought out, makes this radio interview and sharing, to be one of the most important sharing of information and truth to date.

Listen to this interview, and find out much truth about the world and what is really true within the world.

you’ll have to copy this into the url bar, for some reasons it isn’t a workable link.

Black Ops Marine- David Corso

This is my first look at David Corso, and my realization I know him, but I don’t.

I have been one of his enviro-protectors, in many wars; many he may not remember.

In all of them, my orders were simple-Protect David Corso.

I know Duncan, as well, but we work on different levels, an different partnerships, but he is who he says and feels he is; and so much more.

Last word- Stay away from David Corso, unless he contacts you first. He is one of the Protected.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

The Disappearances

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

In our last post, we talked about the cover story level, which most kidnapees reexperience, when they’re hypnotized, or they remember, through other ways.

This is a fear block level, used to keep them from going deeper into their experience. The ETs actually do experimentation, and many other things, but only as a show, to convince their hostages, what they’re doing is real, and what they’re feelings is real to.

Fortunately, not all the time, are they actually doing what they’re experiencing, the ETs have VR to a state beyond what humans have even thought of yet. Are they the harbingers of this way of using VR’ absolutely not, they’re finding they’re only following the path created by others or other, and what they’re doing is only an imprint of what has gone on before.

In the rec area of the mother ships, who are located in such a way, they create a stand, and they can create not only artificial atmospheres, but can actually create environments, which their hostages can be played against each other, and against themselves.

Usually in the rec space, or in another area of the elaborate show put on, for their hostages- mind bending, and to make this the level, they go to, if and when, they try to find out about their ufo abduction.

A primitive will be somewhere within the scope of the Stand, when suddenly they disappear, and may not be heard of for hours, days, months, and in some cases- years. When they return, they are different, usually they’re very, very dangerous. They have been made into a super soldier, ultra warrior, Dragon or a Maker, but what they’re really looking for is the equivalent of Maud Dib of Dune fame.

This is a super primitive, who knows the secrets of the Universe, and can find for them the secret they are nearly insane over getting, for their personal benefit. Forever life!

Forever life, isn’t just rejuvenation, regeneration, or even long life, but they want to be able to survive the total destruction of everything, and then recreate the new, into what they want, and  more importantly, what they can control, or destroy, at their will.

The ETs, the Constellation, the Ancients, want to be more than Gods, they want to be within the Creative Stream of being the Architects of realities, and Universes.

All will bow down to them, as Super Gods, and they will have the populations of the new creations. to be in awe of them, and these same populations will work for them, and will give them bounties, so they don’t have to worry about food gathering, etc. ( as if they would ).

They’ve been looking for this Mandat, for millenia, and have from time to time, come up with almost Mandats, but in the end, they have been able to kill them, not without effort, but some have lasted- to be free of them.

They believe one of the ones they’ve genetically enhanced, only enhanced, not created, has been born, and they’ve been hunting him or her or it, for centuries, but they haven’t found the Mandat yet.

The ETS and The Ancients are both limited in the way they see their worlds/realities, for they see from within the reality, rather than outside of it. They’ve locked themselves into being those who look out the window, rather than those who look in. They rely on techi-mavels; rather than on natural living, whether in or out of reality/Universes they see this as their strength, when in reality its their block. Its why they need Mandat, to do it for them. They know  the only ones who can do this for them are primitives, so they constantly abduct primitives, from planets across the Universe(s), and constantly test them, for the Q effect ( they started calling them this, after Gene Roddenberry’s Q in Star Trek: Next Generation ) .

They record all communication on earth through duck blinds, all over the planet ( something like fusion centers in the United States, meant to be the way the government can know where everyone is, so they can put them into concentration camps, if they need to).

The Disappearances leads directly to the War Yards, where every kind of war, crime, torture, etc., game or reality can be created. They have their hostages, play out scenarios, and then have them go over their experience, so they learn what works and what doesn’t from the lips of those who actually experienced the trauma, reality, horror of what they have produced.

Not everything is set up to see what the hostages will do; they put them into the worlds/environments of the Fog Chamber of Horrors; here individuals fight to the death, wars were held, massacres, and real death, but not the death of the hostages, only clone bodies.

What does this mean? The hostages spirit is put into the clone body, or the clone becomes a reflector, of the thoughts of the og, and does what the og thinks and feels, as its goes through the mock ups incidents/scenarios, within the Fog Chambers.

How was this done? In the floor, in props, etc., if you touch the right spot, you’re whisked away, and placed in even more dangerous situations, which could still be within the Fog Chambers, or it could really be happening to the clone you’re connected with.

You could be on another planet, with the goal of causing the down fall of all the governments on the planet. It could b e a sniper job; it could be a sabotage call, murder, or fighting in an army as one of the soldiers, and having what happens to the units, etc., there happen to them, for real, and for the experience of that happening.

This means death, wounded, lost of legs, arms, brain damage, the whole spectrum of what can happen in war, they don’t even try to manipulate this, for it would dirty the data they’re gaining by the real experience of their put in; the others around this put in, sees nothing out of the normal, for someone new- suddenly to show up in their area.

What they do, do, sometimes, is put neural nets in the clone, giving them a superior edge over the ones they’re with and are dealing with, so it puts new blood, within the scenario being watched, and catalogued by induction spaces, so it imprints on the space within the object, being used to record all aspects of the experience.

It’s then edited, or put together, back on the ship; and shown to all the ETs all over the Universe, and all of them are looking at the action, and at the bodymind language of the players, looking for Mandat, but also, looking for newness arising out of nothing- hello, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

They also capture the remains of the bodymind of the clone, to see if anything new has come into it, where it might lead to Mandat.

This is some of the Fog Chamber of Horror; there is another chamber, this is called Golden Policy; and here, environments are created, to where the hostages are asked questions, about how to best accomplish all sorts of goals. These are for strategy, tactics, logistics, maneurvability and surprise ( with the strength and the number to turn it into a victory ).

If you think this would be boring for them, after a while, think again, old is always replaced by new, and if they can get a jump on the new, they can use it to do fantastic trades, and build their wealth and power. Mainly their power; though, in dealing with other planets, not in the primitive level, knowledge and content is money in the bank.

They use primitives, for negotiations, as well, for they know they’re masters of this, and they get them more than what they could otherwise get.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

ET kidnapping humans and their black ops programs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Horrors! ETs kidnap humans- whenever, and wherever they want to, and human can do nothing about it; not that human governments would, for they care nothing, for their citizens, but only want to destroy their privacy, and put them into concentration camps, via the fusion centers created by Homeland Security, 750 of them all told, for 50 states.

These fusion centers are a central network, where all police, security, etc., feed into, and give to them, all they have been doing and what is being done in their area of overseeing.

However, that’s for another blog- ETs kidnap humans and put them through many reprehensible acts, most, is to keep them psychologically on edge, so they’re manipulatable, and easily programmed for whatever experiments, and so on, they want to do.

First, when you are brought aboard the mother ships, you’re kept naked, for your whole stay there, if you leave, then appropriate clothing and weapons are given.

First level experience is the level where most kidnapees remember their kidnapping experience. This is where you go through decontamination, then you go either to medical, psychological/physiological, or sociological torture chambers, then after that, you’re usually paired off with someone to have sex with.

If you are well behaved, you are paired with a star, politician, musician, etc., if you’re not you’re deprived of sexual reward, for your behavior under stressful conditions.

If you’re only meant to be on this first level, you’re taken through many sexual situations, and this is where humans are matched by genetic pool, with others, they want to match with them, to blend the genetics, to see what comes about, from this scientific matching.

While you’re here, you become the handdog of an alien, and are his servant, and he teaches you the right way to be respectful to him/her, and all of the alien races, who are superior to humans. This is always rubbed into our faces; they are trying to make us believe it.

We don’t, and we have Socrates and Alexander the Great for this, for both were kidnapped, and when aboard the mother ships, Socrates started a spy organization, of gathering knowledge; all knowledge- they could find out about  the aliens, their ships, knowledge, and so on, and especially how to fly all of the ships. Alexander the Great, turned us into a universal army, and taught us, to remember everything we went through, and to do sabotage and other acts, to show the ETs we were not handdogs.

Sometimes, humans are taken with the aliens, when they are going to do trading, with another primitive, or not, species, but these are really military excursions, for the human is expected to tell them everything they observed in how to take over the planet, to do sabotage, and to rabble rouse the populations.

If you didn’t, then you were punished, with sexual play, but were not allowed to come, they would give you a shot, that would allow you to get hot, but not to come, so you had blueballs, while both men and women played with your body, other times, you were given something,t hat would allow you to come for hours upon hours, and you would have woman or man after man/woman.

At this time you were implanted with egg suits, which means eggs were kept in bubble like units, and only semen could penetrate them, so they could fertilize the eggs- where did these eggs come from, women, alien women, and from petri dishes, and all of them would be fertilized, because you couldn’t stop until you had many partners who gave up their semen, both men and women, to fertilize every egg, then after this you wore them for about 72 hours,  then the egg suit was taken from underneath your skin, and if you were still being punished, a new egg suit would be placed under your skin, but you would be allowed to rest, then they would come in and give you something to get your sexual appetites at fever pitch, and you would be making love hours.

This is done very scientifically, and all eggs and the partners were recorded, so they could keep a great genetic database, so they knew where each egg had been fertilized.

What did they do with all the eggs, they put them into hatching tanks, the petri dish eggs, have less than 5% chance of living, the alien eggs, are given a binder, to help the fertilization and of these 50% usually make it, of the human to human, the process is usually 97%, with three percent of genetic mutation in the egg.

Sounds very sexual doesn’t it; very energetic, but no great deal, wrong, for what they do is they put in sounds which go off in your mind, when you are sexually active, so when you finally come, you have put into the seed, your emotional response to it, the only one they don’t do it to is the human to human fetus, for the humans block it out, and won’t pass it on to the fertilized fetus.

The petri eggs, and the alien eggs are watched to see what kind of development they show, then they’re aborted, or taken to special tanks, and kept there while they grow, until nine months then a poison is released into the tanks and the offspring of the experiment are killed, and disintegrated to fluid, after which the poison is drained away, and the leftover is drained into seeds chambers, where it binds with the seed, and is traded with other alien races, more blood thirsty, and they taste is just right, for them.

On the first level, humans created the Extended Family Network, both females and males, were having a hard time with all the sexual activity, and the many partners they had, so the proclamation simply said whoever you have sexual relations with is your husband or wife.

This brought into being the Enclaves, where a couple would start a family based upon an idea, book, experience, work, etc., and others could join with them, and a man and a wife, could join as many of them as they wanted, so that each enclave would have the backing and help of others, through this man/wife family line.

There is a great air flow in the center of the rec area of the humans, and some of the other primitives, who were sexually compatible with them, and here you could step off the edge and float on air, which was spiced with a sexual stimulant, which cause the humans to have sexual relations, and the serum to keep them going for hours, was breathed in, so they could go on for days, and not get tired.

There was another great fear among the humans and the other primitives, this was the Disappearance, in which, you could disappear, from First level to this area, the training area of the black ops.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Worldwide Majestic 12- Enclaves of the New World Order

The Majestic 12 are enclaves in every country in the world, the world governments are white ops, to carry out the orders of the Majestic 12- of their countries.

Majestic 12 enclaves, meet seldom, but they’re in constant contact with each other, through their Protectors, the super soldiers, ultra warriors, Dragons and Makers.

They make decisions and order their decisions on their Protectors, who give them to the governments of the world.

MJ12 enclaves, are the sole reps to handling the ETs, who are coming to the Earth, and kidnapping humans, and checking on the rampages they have going on: 1. kidnapping humans, 2. bots, nano and micro, 3. working the underground bases they use for holding their birthing tanks, for hybreds, and cloning, where they clone governments officials, in case they have to supplant them for a short time, or permanently, 5. they want to keep the humans aware that they are superior to them in every way, 6. to watch their experiments, and see how they progress, 7. to find the answer to the greatest freedom in the Universe, and found across the Universe- the Created Solar Systems, 8. to find the Whisper, 9. to utilize humans and other primitives to be planet civilization takeover specialists, 10. to force their will on the humans, by controlling their leaders, and replacing them when needed, 11. to maintain their bases and watch human bases on other planets in this and other solar systems, 12. to watch the stargates, the transmats, the Niches, the Lei Junctions, the Steppin’, and most of all to try to keep an eye on the Travelers or the Mysts, who travel anywhere by simply moving or utilize their bodies into music and vibrational wholeness, 13. to keep the cover stories on their kidnap victims hot, and strong, and the blocks they put in them- working.

Obama was replaced, for several days in December, then in January, his clones are excellent and his wife and children didn’t recognize this Obama was not their real father and husband.

They routinely replace generals, admirals, captains, and others in the military, professors, researchers, and others for brief or longer period of times.

At the battles of Valentine day, 2014, this would no longer be allowed, and they were to stop replacing humans, and stop kidnapping them, but to do this, we’re going to have to completely win over them, and place them under subjugation, until we’re sure they won’t attack us again.

Rowdies Rangers have chosen an acting council to handle interactions with others, and to carry out the wishes of the Rangers: 1. Madonna, 2. Terry Floyd Johnson, 3. Sandra Bullock, 4. Arnold S, 5.. Princess Diana, 6. The Rock, 7. Lisa Presley.

Roving Council Representatives- 1. Patrick Stewart, 2. Carrie Fisher, 3. Michael, 4. David McCallum, 5. Miley Cyrus, and as alternate- Emily Osment, Jeannette McCurdy

These persons are not leaders of Rowdies Rangers, but their voice to those who want to deal with Rowdies Rangers.

Super Soldiers, Ultra Warriors, Dragons, and Makers, are very individual, though, they are set up as teams of controller and operative. They work on their own, or with their partners, though, they work freely within a telepathic bonding.

Kerry Cassidy calls herself and whistleblowers, Truth Warriors, but Kerry is an Ultra Warrior, well on her way to being a Dragon.