Super Soldiers- are they simply trained killers or killers who fight their commands

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Human governments and citizens are caught up in the stupidity of the philosopy of war, psi ops, psy ops, and more and more ops.

Politics is compared to chess, a game of strategy, or Go, or any other game of strategy, which leads to tactics, logistics, maneuverability and surprise.

All of the above is shaped by reason, intellect, guesswork, projection, movement of troops, war machines, food, etc.. There is a saying a troop wins depends on how full of a stomach they have.

War colleges look to an ancient book, as one of their training manuals- Sun Tzu- The Art of War; this book is the height of the stupidity of war and the pulse of nations, who want to go to war, for prestige, power, and to feed the kitty of the rich and wealthy, so they grow ever richer and wealthier. This book is a travesty of intellect, and its a world stopper, in that, those leaders and military experts, who include The Art of War, are stoppers on their civilization, and put it facing backward, toward the time, when blood and guts were a normal day’s work.

Now, today, we’ve expanded the stupidity of war, conflict, biogenetic warfare, and more, all made to kill and destroy, rather than build and simplify the truth of living in peace, by building peace from within, each individual, who then transfers it into the world, making the world, his/her culture, and his local neigborhood, a growth oriented society, and a welcomer of new ideas, inventions and designs, to build a peaceful, growing, building society.

The government, military, criminals, politicians, etc., want to stop wonder, and build up a military-defense complex, in every nation in the world, so the military can play at warfare, and either win or lose, with deaths and takeovers, as the winners booty, and the losers fading out of history.

To make it even more bloody, the military, intelligence agencies, etc., decided to build super soldiers, ultra warriors to turn chosen citizens into super soldiers naturally, with hypnosis, sonics, light, vibrations, terror, dream slaking, deprivation, and creative adaptation through drama, yoga, mind control, psi ops, psyc ops, and more.

The use of military training, special forces training, etc., is geared toward the super soldiers, interest, and marital arts are daily activities. The same applies with the ultra warrior, but the ultra warrior is turned into a single warrior, the only one he/she will work with is their handler, and their scanner.

They’re treated with experimental drugs, very carefully measured, and are tuned with keywords, sounds, music and movements.

They are on the operating table, in a cube, etc., as much as they’re in training.

High Stupidity!

These recruits are either ET abducted, and then brought into MILABs, or they’re chosen by  astrology of their birth, and then picked up from baby, or before, when the mother and father are picked up.

We will go into those who are abducted, in another post; this one is about those who were chosen at birth or before.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are given many situations, training situations, memory situations, and more, but the most important to the military and the politician, is to use them to create strategies, tactics, etc., for wars on the Earth, or how to stop ETs from winning over the military, like the battle at Dulce, NM.

The military fought a usual strategy, and lost.

ETs are well versed in war, terror, crime, piracy and much more. They learn from humans and other primitives.

The super soldiers and ultra warriors are only used in special actions, for they’re kept in readiness to defend the ruling politicians, and to take on the ETs on their own terms.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are used in human politics, as assassins, and other dark missions, and are kept under strict control, by their keywords, handlers, and by their need for the serums, which give them insight, and fast reactions, as well as, in many, strength to handle heavy objects- living and not.

The super soldiers and ultra warriors, are ravaged by their government, to do its dirty work; with little care about their lives, hopes and dreams, this is the climate in which the Dragon is born.

Super soldiers and ultra warriors are real; they are your neighbors, friends and companions. Be Free!