Shadow lecture 2

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We have started our journey into the underground, and the above ground, under clear and present danger, with Silicon Valley, and other tech centers the result of decades of work by MJ12, and its shadowy predecessors.

What shadowy predecessors, you ask. That is the question- isn’t it, who is responsible for MJ12, and all the conflictual, interactive experiences. going on between, the above ground governments, and the shadow underground, which is the real power of every country in the world.

How did MJ12 become the most powerful organization in the world, and take the power of governing away from present governments. It is even more powerful, than Illuminati, masons, freemen, rosicurans, and so on.

MJ12 isn’t based on wealth and power, but knowledge and power, and how to use that knowledge to eradicate all challenges to their power, above ground, and cemented by their circles, so all worked with each other, and not at odds, with each other.

MJ12 circles were already going on, without official government recognition, but Shadow black ops, was going on, and the brilliant geniuses of the academic, military, political worlds, and those who had influence in all sections and levels of society, were working to build their powerbases, and set in place invisible forts, in which, the above grounders could not use their military might against them, like the Pope did against the Templars.

Religious powers in the above ground are carefully guided to expand in ways, that benefit the secular intelligence of the Starbreakers, and benefited knowledge, in all areas, but especially in the technology of the stars.

Wealth, clubs, fraternities, etc., were seen as a building ground of controlled activity, so the wealth and the to be wealthy, thought they were free, and building their own wealth and power, but in reality, they simply came together in groups, which allowed the Starbreakers, to control them, even more than they could have, if they didn’t have the clubs, etc..

The Starbreakers, were also vastly watching and going to where reports of crashes occurred, and field work was disguised in one way, to cover up the real reason, for their constantly expanding searches, to find more about the ETs, and to find out what they could about the technology they used.

This led to a meeting between the Starbreakers, and the ETs, where much to the surprise of the Starbreakers, a mystery person showed up, who didn’t say anything, or join in the talks, but when the ETs started to get hostile, a move from this figure, cut it off immediately.

The ETs were afraid of this being, even though, there was only one of him or her or it.

Each meeting this figure showed up, and the ETs hatred of this person or being, was tangible, and the Starbreakers used this to align themselves with the ETs. and make agreements, to where the ETs could have breeding tanks here on earth, and could kidnap humans, at their discretion, and not the Starbreakers.

This silently infuriated the ETs, as this being, had been holding them back, forcing them to give up their plans of using the humans in certain ways. They, now, were only allowed to do certain prosecutions of humans, animals and plants.

The ETs bided their time, and on the day of the beginning of WWI, they attacked this mysterious being, with the help of some of the Starbreakers, who were promised planets, which to rule, and would be their own kingdom planets, and populations.

It was put out that a meeting was to occur between the Starbreakers and the ETs, and so they set up an ambush, with several levels of firepower, psychic attackers, ET attackers, and others who were occult oriented and had very definite psychic powers.

The meeting was held on the day the archduke was killed, and the world fell into WWI, and at about the same time, the doublecross, meeting had begun, and the mysterious figure, showed up, and they all attacked the mysterious figure.

The battle was short lived, for the mysterious figure, turned into pure energy, and shocked all involved, and then hung them in the air, while he/she/it went about their business, until he/she/it was ready to leave.

The being branded them all as traitors, and told them they would experience the proper punishment, for their betrayal, and assassination attempt.

The ETs left, as did the Starbreakers traitors.  The ETs went back to their ships, fully aware, there were other ETs, watching, and waiting, for the right time for them to step in and take over everything.

These other commands were using a special concentration of light pulse and frequency, which kept them young and long living, they’re still alive today.

The Starbreakers couldn’t tell the other Starbreakers, they were traitors, so they began a whispering campaign, to turn the Starbreakers, against the mysterious one. They built their contamination by word, by passage, by conversation, by creative, by twisting the truth, so the mysterious one, was began to be seen as opposite of helpful to the Starbreakers, but he/she/it, didn’t seem to notice, the change in vibrations toward him/her/it.

The ETs and the full Starbreakers, decided to attack, the mysterious one, with the full help; of the war machines in every country caught up in the conflicts.

It was done in France, on the France/German border, toward the end of the war, and the Stargate was used to take the battle to a place, where humans wouldn’t be able to see the conflict or its outcome.

They lost, the mysterious one, again beat them.

The ETs went back into space ( supposedly ), and the Starbreakers, were told to stop their machinations of taking over the world, and being a new world order.

The ETs were put on notice, if they tried this again, they would be punished much harsher, and in ways that would see all their machinations end, and all their centuries of work, ended.

Now, came a free period, without knowing about ETs, and to look for peace, kept the need for Starbreakers, at a low minimum.

The mysterious one, put a 3/4 atmosphere around the Starbreakers, and they were satisfied to simply do, without making a war out of it.

The Mysterious One, smiled, though, he/she/it knew it would only be for a short time. The would be assassins, were being punished.

The mysterious one, was satisfied.

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