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ET Psi-Sorcery Black Ops Planetary Takeover Operators

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


On Earth, there are black ops operations in every country in the world, and they sometimes go to war with each other, but not often and not for long, for the Final, usually comes in and decides the outcome, those who don’t like it, are dissipated. Conflict is removed from black ops, quite quickly.

I have been abducted, since before I was born, where I was taken out of my mother’s body, and put into glass tubes, with metal openings, as hybreds were, but I was quite different as they found out, instead of knowledge being pumped into me, I took whole files en masse, as well as , encrypted codes, photos, etc., and imprinted it all within a field around me, and then lit imprinted all this information into my memory, then it was filed in a way I could get to it, if I was free, or couldn’t get to if I was compromised.

I went through much experimentation, and training, which was to turn me into a fury1, which meant I would be planted on a planet, and within a year, I would have total control of the planet, because the government would always do something that showed its corruptness, thus I would go against them.

I did this a few times, for the ETs, then from then on I did it for myself, thereby gaining whole planets, in the same or different solar systems, and galaxies, but this wasn’t a problem, for I created a method of communication, where all my planets kept in constant touch with each other, and with myself, so any problems could be handled immediately.

By the time I was five, I owned over 3,000 planets, and had stacked gold, in enough quantity, to be the richest individual in the Universe.

I had split adventures, when I was abducted, I kept up the front as being kept as the other primitives, but at the same time, had varied careers, at the same time, especially in music, where my music sold in the trillions all over the galaxies.

I retired from music, when I saw it was taking too much of my time.

The abductions and the experiences were becoming more and more deadly, and controlling, so I started a counter revolution, that eventually merged into the war put in by Alexander, but now was simply gathering knowledge and imprints of any signs they could find.

This counter revolution, became more psychic, along with learning from the ETs all we could, then using this information to strengthen our ability to defend ourselves against them.

At this time, it became known to us that the ETs, were very eager to capture a being, they called the Creationist, who was a designer of companies, factories, etc., on a universe scale.

We wanted to contact this person, to try to get him to help us in our revolution against the ETs, which they ETs were aware of, and thought it was funny, so they let us continue, but they didn’t realize what the Extended Family Network connections, between primitives, would build in the deep desire and self-command, protect the family.

It is at this time, when the ETs began to realize they were in deep trouble, for the Creationist, is also the First, and who moved in anyway he or she wanted, and that the First was a very real threat to them and all who messed with the humans.

ETs decided they needed to try to contact the Ancients, to get them to come back to the Universe, they were capable of fighting the First, and hopefully, could kill him or her, or limit his/her abilities, to create new universes, etc.

Now, throughout all of this, the military and the intelligence operations, decided to kidnap, those who had been kidnapped by the ETs, to see what knowledge they could gain, and use these star children, and adults, to build an even stronger black ops fighting force, who would take on the ETs, if that became necessary.

The ETs and the military/intelligence agreement was always based on them being able to kidnap humans and do their testings, scenarios, and engagements, that places humans in the most distressing situations, and they have to find their way out, if they can.

Along with this, the ETs, run probability sessions with all humans, in all kinds of scenarios, to see if any would help them in their fight with the humans, if that became necessary.

To help keep the humans in their control, they placed within the memories of all abductees and contactees, vr like dream environments, which included whole planets, and much more, thus locking up much of the person’s memory in keeping this vr picturing, instantly available.

Another area the ETs were interested in was the Askahic Records, and they love to go into them and try to find more info on their primitive abductees. They, also, try to destroy some of the records, but as soon as they leave- the records return, for they are what is, thus cannot be destroyed.

The military was able to get out of certain humans, some of the training they had by the ETs, to become planetary keepers, who took over the planets, from the planet population. The ETs didn’t want to control the planets, only to have someone in charge, who could create a strong trade organization, for the population, who would trade with them, to their advantage.

They, also, put inplants, and later bots, into humans, so they could record anything of interest to the ETs, and this is how the ETs got a hint of the reality of the Creationist, and his/her vast holdings, where new inventions, were kept, ready for whatever it was brought out for, to take care of it and make it go away.

The humans got more than they were counting on, they got the shaper, which they figured out was some of the humans, seem to have been given the technique to shape change, and so they went on search to find, which of the abductees could do this, but in doing so they released the Strike, who countered their methods and hurt any who would hurt the abductees and contactees.

No one knew, even today, knows who the strike is, they have theories and suspicions, but no one has found out who the Strike is.

Abductees and contactees came together to form Rowdies Rangers, who is now fighting, the ETs and the Ancients all over the Universe, they have now added the Razen, or the Dark, to the ones they’re battling.

Rowdies Rangers, have now added the Commander and his fleets, as well as the Psychocrats, who put up the Shield that kept out certain Cosmic/Dimension/etc. energies and flows, from coming and striking earths and its life populations, as well as fleets from every universe, dimension, flow, realm, experience, expression, etc..

They’re now coming to join up with the Commander’s fleets, which are lined up on every direction around the Earth in another dimension. They’re waiting for all of the massive fleets to get here, so they can fight a war of attrition, and at the same time, be ready to take on Rowdies Rangers, and the new ships they fly, which are the deadliest in existence.

This is where we stand now!

May the Microcosmic Force be with all of us!



Lecture # 14

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow and Casmere operate in totally separate worlds; Casmere is caught up in the political, trade, lifestyles of humanity on Earth. Shadow is far out into the galaxies, of the Universe. It has trade businesses, security businesses, travel and transportation, exploratory journeys to find new planets, buys/sells/rehabs motherships, jack ships, flyers, etc..

It buys huge amounts of acreage on inhabitated planets; and runs many businesses all over the Universe, galaxies wide. They’re a major power on all planets; and work to build even more business, resorts, etc., who pamper those who come to them.

Shadow is huge in entertainment; and works with circuses, fairs, carnivals, entertainment hubs, film making, beam tv, beam radio, publishing, music publishing, clubs, music venues, and much, much more.

Shadow has giant manufacturing plants on planets, and in space, where they’re hired to design and make Motherships, Jack starships, planetary flyers, and all kind of machinery, electronics, etc., to make them into star ships, capable of being full generators of what ever is necessary for them to deal with.

Shadow is a giant in agriculture, new methods of growing all sorts of crops, managing and owning, giant farms, ranches, and unique science territories.

Shadow claims all new planets it finds, and then puts into place laboratories, biohabitats- for scientists, anthropologists, historians, etc., who are put on the planet to study and classify it on a preliminary structural etc., analysis.

Shadow has giant and small operations of science, etc., all over the Universes, etc., where all kinds of professionals are hired to do research, policy research, governing methods, no government studies, and a variety of studies to find information and knowledge.

Shadow is known as the information and knowledge organization or organizations.

Shadow is also known as the hunter of those who would do criminal activities against citizens of the Universes, etc.

Shadow is Shadow.


John Stormm- Truth Connections

I have tried to get the URL for John Stormm and Duncan Ofinioan four times, and got this hooked x, so please go to the left side the play list, and click on it, and go to # 4, and click on the video.

Sorry about this, but this is an important video; so enjoy.

Lecture 13

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Shadow is in the world, and not in it, at one in the same time; Shadow is  unique in that it can be seen, but not touched, or touched but not seen. Casmere is under the governing of MJ12 members, who are chosen by the members of MJ12.

The Underground world government is governed by a committee, of the top minds in each country, and these 12 in each country work as one with each other, so all that they do is accepted by all the other 12 members of MJ12, in each country of the world.

However, the outer push into the solar system, and the galaxies, is ruled by the Shadow Banks, for they’re the ones who finance these expansion of the Casmere, to go to other planets, and set up biohabitats, and whole communities, within these biohabitats, each is created by the Genesis Designer, and each is unique to the planet, moon, or etc., the humans want to explore, to find the resources they need to ship back home.

This taking of resources, is strictly watched over by the Shadow Banks, and they make sure all human activity in outworlds, is guided by, and accepted, by the Casmere, and those who work for them on each planet.

Violation of any of the rules, Casmere agreed to; is swiftly brought out, and the offending parties, are forced off planet, and isolated, from going to outworlds, for strong periods of time and experience.

Casmere is building trade with the Constellation, and other independents in the Universe; they are not afraid to do so, for they’re contracted with the Shadow Security Galactics Justice Operations, a solely owned company, under the Shadow Banks.

There is a great movement to build trade and trade routes with all populated planets, etc., so that a vast galactic trade network or networks will be open, free, and beneficial and profitable for all involved.

The unpopulated ones, are protected by Shadow, and the rules they make to make sure every planet is not over deprived of its natural resources, makes sure, that if intelligent life forms, on the planet, that they’re not deprived of natural resources to build their civilizations, and any resource taken out is replaced, so they have full planetary rule over all the resources of their own planet.

Shadow does not rule or work with the planetary lands, etc. of Earth, for they’re criminal, and self-producing of wealth. for the minority, and poverty for the masses. Shadow does not deal with criminals, who only care for themselves.

Shadow is in and out of this world, and operates in every galaxy in the Universe, and far, far beyonds.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and Yours!

NSA, DEA, IRS Lie About Fact That Americans Are Routinely Spied On By Our Government: Time For A Special Prosecutor


By Jennifer Stisa Granick and Christopher Jon Sprigman

It seems that every day brings a new revelation about the scope of the NSA’s heretofore secret warrantless mass surveillance programs. And as we learn more, the picture becomes increasingly alarming. Last week we discovered that the NSA shares information with a division of the Drug Enforcement Administration called the Special Operations Division (SOD). The DEA uses the information in drug investigations. But it also gives NSA data out to other agencies – in particular, the Internal Revenue Service, which, as you might imagine, is always looking for information on tax cheats.

The Obama Administration repeatedly has assured us that the NSA does not collect the private information of ordinary Americans. Those statements simply are not true. We now know that the agency regularly intercepts and inspects Americans’ phone calls, emails, and other communications, and it shares this information with…

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Tales of the Idiotoso

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


How stupid can news sources be? They change their way of getting in contact with them, to make it easier for them, and in the process, set themselves up for the strangling.

Idiots that they are, they cut themselves off, from news, that can help humans survive, the first Star Wars, with those, over the years, have said they were our friends, there to protect us, which is and was pure bunk.

They convinced alot of spiritual people that this was the truth, especially the Commander of the Fleet, who got earthlings, to allow him to come into them, and use their bodies, to allow him to do whatever it was he wanted to do, on Earth.

I met one woman, before she allowed this, and told her that allowing anyone or anything the right to possess your bodymind, is not good in any circumstance, but it was her decision. Her decision, was to allow the Commander to use her bodymind, and when he comes in, you can tell it isn’t her, but this Nazi liar.

She isn’t the only one; many have fallen into his trap, and thousands more believe, Dimen Fleet is there to protect the Earth, from anything that would attack the humans. What they were really there for, was to be ready to attack the humans if the Psychocrats energy block field, surrounding the Earth, was ever broken, and the humans started to show they were escalating, to where they should have been, if the field hadn’t been there.

This has happened, with the first of the Awaken, showing her golden energy, to those, who can see beyond the physical limitations.

The Dimen Fleet had no choice, they started moving their ships, which has been seen as motionless, in guard position, and now, are leaving that position, not to protect the Earth and humanity, but to be the one they said they were going to protect humanity from.

Five battleships have gone with the Commander, the rest have stayed behind, right….they are no longer there either, they’re going to attack from other directions, if the Creationist, and his weapons come on line, for even they and their weapons are no match for the Creationist.

Where do we stand now, the Dimen fleet is readying for war, and are bringing in other battleships, to help in the total attack on the populations of Earth, to either strip from them their new Awakenings, or destroy them.

Their odds in accomplishing this- less than zero.

Humanity has no idea what this planet and solar system is; but the Dimen Fleet will find out, for we aren’t denfenseless, we have Rowdies Rangers, who have struck the Constellation, and have them, regrouping, for they have lost many of their waryards/warbases/research centers, and there presence, on Dimen Like Planets, which are reflections of planets in this Universe.

The future awaits, are you ready to fight for your life and your loved ones, but not in the stupid way the Earth nations fight wars, they should lose, for all of their stupidity in how to win wars, against dark enemies.

May the Microcosmic Force be with Rowdies Rangers, and their Protect Space Fleet and Weapons!

The dimen Fleets

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014   ( Zoua )


It might interest you to know, since writing the previous post about the Awakenings, and the RESET, the fleets in the Dimen Cove, have started to move.

What does this mean?

It simply means, they don’t feel that the Psychocrats weapon is working, so they’re moving into to exterminate humanity and the planets and sun of this solar system, progress.

Welcome to the avarice of the Space Beings, who pretend to be for us, but in reality are the Next Nazis. They are search and destroy. Sherman’s war in the Civil War on the South, the war of attrition.

And their stupid, for the weapons of the Creationist, work and will take on any space beings who want to destroy the Currium.

Why didn’t they work to keep individuals, groups, families safe from alien abductions over the centuries. The answer- interfering with individual life design paths, never works positively, they must go through, or jump over the experience by their own hook and crook.

However, they are looked over, when they have these experiences! The Extended Family Networks, create one large family, which all abductees belong, as husband and wives of all other abductees, so the sexual aspects of the experience, become fun, for you’re loving and sexing, with your husband or wife.

Secondly, you now have rowdies rangers looking out for abductees; before rowdies rangers, there were other organizational police actions, the first started by Socrates.

We respect you, and your right to follow your spirit’s life plan, even if it was made with rose colored glasses, and beliefs you are more powerful than you really are, not because you aren’t, but because you have not found the Source within you, the Self-Genesis love and wonder of spirit and living in the dream of the Prime.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


The Most Important Message in the Reality of Humanity on Earth

( c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )

It has been shared that the Awakening is occurring right now, as you read this message. The first human to be awakened within themselves, is going through the transformation, and has no idea they’re doing so. Yet they will be famous for eons to come.

What is the Awakening, Fools of Earth, which is every living being, and non-living living reality. The Awakening is going to effect/affect you, to the very core of your source, for the Awakening is the RESET.

What is the RESET you ask? Why thank you for asking this very important question, but first a little present history and rules of RESET.


1. No one on Earth can escape it.

2. Every living being and our lands, seas air etc. will go through RESET.

3. There is no where you can hide, where you can escape RESET.

4. You can fight RESET, but you will only delay the Transformation, not stop it.

5. No one can protect you from RESET; it is something you must go through yourself.

6. RESET is total.

7. RESET is going on right now, you are in and within RESET

What is RESET? To answer that, we must look to the past, when the peoples of the Universe, realized there are planets, in which, the inhabitants were going to be such that no one could stand against them.

This realization, also, went through every dimension there is , and in one of these dimensions, were a race calling themselves the Psychocrats.

They were not going to be put under these New Peoples, rule, so they devised a great scientific, psychological, and sociological weapon, and called it the Identifier, which would identify, these planets; these planets would be slowed down in their development, and their ability to be themselves would be nil, they would be brainwashed to only live in certain ways, which would stop the trueness of themselves, from coming out, for they would believe that reality would be the limited world, they would build, under these definitions of what they were allowed to do, and what they weren’t.

They could do what other planets and races had done to become technological aware, and if they started straying- the psych patterns, would see they were destroyed.

This meant the whole planet had to be put under the Psychomachines, which kept the patterns alive and very strong, so the humans and all life on Earth would not advance as they were meant to, into the People.

The machines were set, the globe was created, and the minds of all the beings on the earth, was patterned to do only what was allowed in the Pscyhocrats programs and patterns. They also placed sentries, which would tell them if their machines were threatened.

They would come and eliminate any threat to their plan; and then maintain their plan.

All this was going to plan until 15 or twenty years ago, when the machines were destroyed, and when the Psychocrats came to destroy whoever destroyed their machines and plans, they were thrown back to their dimension, and their ways to cross dimensions, were denied to them.i

If all of this wasn’t enough, in another dimensional rift, from this Universe, was a star dimension, which was the center of 100 dimensions, and within this rift, were planets, which were very technological advanced, and they explored the Universes, and found this story about the planets, where would develop races, beings, which would one day guide the Universes into freedom and creative loving and living.

They saw what the Psychocrats had done, and fully approved of it, but just in case it didn’t work, they kept a dimendoor, floating in a dimensional rapture, where they could bring in fleets of warships, but it turned out, that it was only five fleets, who were stationed there, and they watched over the beings, influenced to be what they were not, and create a world the was not itself.

To help it along, they would contact humans, and convince them to allow themselves, to come into their bodies, showing them how to live within the world the humans created for themselves, but the truth was, they were waiting to see any changes in the races, and if they were, they were to destroy the human populations and all the planets of the solar system.

They were, and are, very technological advanced, and very mentally advanced, so they didn’t think this would be a problem, but then they realized there was two great problems:

1. This portion of space was the outer boundaries of the Kall, a very technological race, which even they had not caught up with.

2. This solar system was not a natural solar system, which was created by the Big Bang, but was in fact- a created solar system, which is used to find races, who were qualified to be granted even more precious planets in other areas of the Universe.

3. The Creator of this and other like solar systems, did not like anyone interfering in his/her/its creations, and any try at destroying the solar systems or any of the planets singly or in more than one attack, would face weapons, even the Kall feared.

4. It has taken fifteen/twenty years, for the RESET, to set itself, to Awaken the Awakenings.

5. Welcome to RESET.

It is going to be fun to watch the RESET, and how it’s going to effect/affect, create new pathways in the minds of the races, the life forms on earth and the non-living living areas, which make up the planet itself.

The Creationist is alive and well upon the systems of his/her/its creation; he/she/its now waits for the fun to begin, and the truth of each to come out, and the new people of Earth, and all life and the planet itself will become free.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Lecture # 12 The Safers of Shadow

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


How does Shadow protect itself from the ETs, the Humans, and anything else that tries to come and lay claim to all that Shadow is? To understand this- you must understand-Shaping.

What is shaping, it is the instantaneous rewriting/redrawing/resmoothing/reputting what is happening, into that which is true, for the situation/event/crime/person/being/shadow/etc.

Shadow is the world of Shaping; those who try to come in and blast their way into Shadow quickly find out  they’re not welcome, and this is shown to them in a solid way, where they are, no longer is supportive of them, and they find themselves, where they know they cannot be.

Shaping can control reality in local, and larger areas: depending on the creativity of the Shaper.

Shaping allows Shadow to exist and not exist- one in the same moment. Shaping against another of Shadow is forbidden, as is, fighting among the Shadow. The overseer of this is the Shadowmaker, and all the denizens of Shadow.

The citizens of Shadow are intensely loyal to it, and want it to stay as it is, so they are fiercely protective of all of Shadow. One Shadowmaker is known, the other 9 are not, so those who come to Shadow, don’t know if they are interacting with a Shadowmaker or not.

There is no pecking order in Shadow; whether you are wealthy or living free, both are equal, and respect each other, for being so.

Fashion styles are mostly made of Shadow material, which makes the person invisible, if that’s what they want, or it shows openness to communicate, when this is true.

Shadow has its own rules; its own life blood; its own way of living and its own way of dealing with the Universes/Realms/Inbetweens/lightshadows.