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# 20 Top of the Tops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


This is the meat of the whole works, who is working the Universe, and who believes they are.

We have said that Black Ops, have created supersoldiers, super warriors, Dragons and Makers, but what we haven’t said, is about the adders, just like puff adders, deadly.

Who are these intelligent, deadly humans or biological intelligent entities; they’re the highest of the high, to come out of black ops training; the operations teams, never thought this would happen; they didn’t have a clue. They created the Colors- much to their regret, and their ability to be healthy.

The Colors are the Adder Dragons, of the levels of trained assassins, etc;,  they all, are ruled by Top Maker. They don’t mess in others color and what it represents, so they don’t go to war with each other, and therefore gain, rather than losing.

The Colors are:

1. Red- ruler of water and energy, to a degree, which would astound you, if you knew how much Red Adder Dragon, could control energy and water, storms, etc.

2. Blue- ruler of the sky, thunderstorms, flight, birds, storms, clear days, past lives, and so on, Blue Adder Dragon.

3. Yellow- ruler of solar, stars, solar systems, galaxies and universes- Yellow Adder Dragon.

4. Green- ruler of agriculture, food, waste, drink, business, space travel, etc.- Green Adder Dragon.

5. Gold- ruler of earth, minerals, gold, silver, precious gems, fertile grounds, reseeding of worn out grounds- Gold Adder Dragon.

6. Silver- ruler of processes- atomic energy, particles, quantum particles, sub atomic particles, subspace particles, fusion, cool fusion, etc.- Silver Adder Dragon.

7. Copper- ruler of machines, mechanical processes, salvage, retrofitting, rehabing, new ideas of mechanical synergy, autos, farm equipment, space vehicles, airplanes, etc.- Copper Adder Dragon.

8. Orange- ruler of gases, elements, TV tubes, lighting, electricity, nuclear energy, solar energy, gamma rays, etc.- Orange Adder Dragon.

9. Golden Brown- ruler of deserts, oasis, mirage, illusions, magic, science, dark matter, dust, pyrite,false minerals, etc.- Golden Brown Adder Dragon.


The Highest of the High

1. Crystal White- ruler of life energy, creation, energy of reality, shaper of Universes, Dimensions, Beyonds, creating something from nothing, sculptor of new energies, new life, new bodies, rejuvenation, regeneration, holistic health, microcosmic, etc.- Crystal White Shaper Maker.

So ends the list…..or does it?


# 19 Shadow is a business and a Life

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


To understand Shadow, you must first realize it is a mystical organization, as well as, a practical, physical, beyond physical organization.

Shadow is not just one organizational bound businesses, but is made of many operations, which if one goes down, the others pick up its business and continue on.

Shadow is upon all lands of Earth, and upon planets across the Universe(s), and moves in many directions at the same time, confusing most who try to understand its uniqueness, and its business model.

Shadow has vast factories all over the Universe, which creates the biohabitat, not only for humans, but for other species as well.

All businesses owned and operated by Shadow, are mystical, intelligence, and practical businesses, organizations, and secretive ops, which make it the most powerful business,etc., in the Universes.

Shadow, now, has contracts with Rowdies Rangers, in helping them, beat ETs, Ancients and ETX.

Shadow has transformative powers, energies and life energy flowing and streaming, and has much control, over planets, whose citizens don’t want to age, and are willing to deal with Shadow- to be rejuvenated.

One movementm that’s one of the biggest and one of the most powerful, in Shadow is Music, Muxic, provider screens for films, tv, cable, etc. across the Universes.

Another of course is Financial Worlds, Manufacturing of Space Projects, for clients across the Universes.

Shadow is especially interested in startups, non-profits startups, technology, entertainment, media, music, design, architecture, manufacturing of special projects, and lifestyle.

Shadow lives, breathes, grows and rejuvenates, and expands in all directions.


# 1- Aside

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


One of the things you must understand is that ETs have been interfering with human history all along. They have guided or forced human destiny along tracks that’s best for them.

Makers- are those who have been abducted, and gone through, the whole abduction experience, many, many times. The ETs are certain,  when their plans for Earth is ready to begin, that their patterning of humans will make it easy to do what they want done, and to kill them all off, when what is wanted is done.

They’re not so sure of that now, for Shadow, isn’t under their control, and the one who controls it  and who built it, is such that he and shadow could repel them, and the Ancients.

There is a third party who wants to be involved; beyond the Dimens, and the Psychocrats, who want to put the barrier back around the earth, so they can control the historical and the present day movements of people, through their duck blinds watchers, who are right in sight, but invisible, and in this way, their electronics can control those humans they want to control.

The third party is the ETC, or as they call it the ETX, the dark, the negative forces of the Universe and beyond, who wants to control everything, for their own personal kingdoms.

The ETs, nor the Ancients, trust them, and they’re afraid of the Ancients, but over the millenia, they have developed mystical powers, which they think will equal the Ancients. The only one they have to worry about is Whisperer, who has mystical, brilliance and energies and talents beyond them all.

The three are meeting to form an alliance, till they get rid of Whisperer, then it will be a free for all. They will call their alliance The Blood Vikingnauts, using human history against the humans, and their knowledge of the ferociousness of the Vikings and the brilliance of the astronauts.

Human fools, those weapons, ships, etc., you have created with the wrecks, which was so carefully staged for you, are not under your control, but of the Blood Vikingnauts.

You are totally defenseless, as far as arms go, you’re going to have to find a way to allow the bots to help you, within you, and those who have come together and made communities,which are going through artistic and scientific jumps in consciousness, to become a viable ally to humans, if they can be convinced to trust the humans, which is not going to be easy.

Not all bots are free, many are still within all life forms on Earth, but their networks are trying to find the way to break the ETs hold on them, and free them from their control.

egada mesadaba shobada se myabada sorcomedaga beinda morsa, copasa daba mayntar sogada mandatasg epoohdasat mors.



# 18 Sellouts for King/Queenship of planets in other solar systems

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


The US government and those secret societies, who work against humanity on a daily basis, as well as, corporate consciousness, who only sees profit, as the criteria, for being successful, are those, who are working to kill humans on a mass basis.

The US government is stockpiling deathstrike machinery ( guillotines ), military equipment, military forces into the country, all at the beck and call of a President, who has put all the pieces in place, to takeover the United States.

Bush and his criminal cronies, put the main parts of the plan together, but they couldn’t put the final pieces together, so they had to go out of power, without being able to put the final pieces into place.

Traitor Obama, then waited, until the defense act of 2012, passing it, with greatly expanded death powers given to himself, as President: 1. he can kill anyone he wishes, legally, 2. he can keep a kill list, 3. he can detain americans without trial, 4. he can attack americans in america, via drones, or other ops, and kill them and anyone around them, with no remorse about collateral damage, 5. within the last two to three weeks, he has put into place ” prolonged detention “, that means americans can now be arrested, without charges, and held indefinitely, without trial, or even telling anyone they’ve been picked up and are being detained.

This gives rise to death squads, nazi terrorist troops, russias kgb, and the way all dictatorships, run their countries, to be able to stay in power.

Another thing brought out by conspiracy theorists, is that the US government has bought 30,000 brand new guillotines, and split the order in half, one half going to Montana, and the other to Georgia.

What do they need these for, summary executions, just as Bush and the Republicans had made up a list of 8 million people, dividing them into blue and red. Blue lived; red died immediately- military would go into homes and drag out those on the red list, and shoot them in the head, summary execution, in the street.

Traitor Obama, now, has the power to take over the country, to kill off all who would oppose him, by in the street execution, guillotine execution, military operations against the Americans, who have supported them, and the armies of the private international corporations, such as Blackwell, who operated as criminals in Iraq, and showed they were simply thugs, sent out to kill as many as they could.

These death squads may be these private armies, who go out and root out those who would choose freedom over slavery, take them out into the streets and shoot them in the head. The bodies would stay in the streets, until cargo trucks would come and pick them up, and take them where plastic or concrete caskets, capable of holding many bodies would be filled, then the lid placed on them, and whatever chemicals etc., they would use to eat up the bodies.

Military forces would occupy the country, working under the private armies of the corporations, who have no compunction about killing americans, and stacking them in over 155,000 plastic or concrete caskets, which are huge, and stackable.

Jesse Ventura did a show about it on his TV series Conspiracy Theories, and when he found where they were stacking these coffins, about 125,000 of them, during the night they were all moved to another location, a secret location to be sure.

Homeland Security, Military, Paramilitary, political bosses, TSA, Coast Guard, NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, etc., all are looking to get rid of those who aren’t within the party line. They call people terrorists, simply because they don’t like their political choices, the way they look, what they might do, what they think they’re capable of doing,they check all communication at home and overseas, looking for terrorists, what their looking for are more americans, etc., to put on their death lists.

America smells foul, now; we have within the so-called upper echelon, power hungry mad killers, who want to kill off all humans, except for 20%, thus leaving more resources, for those who matter, the rich, of course. They are, also, those who belong to secret societies, who want to be the supreme power of the planet, and who have been promised other planets to rule, if they help the ETs, Ancients, kill off the human race, or rather those who don’t deserve to live, for they’re taking away resources, from those who deserve life, where the riffraff don’t.

They’re still operating and planning to kill billions of humans; they have to be stopped, and since the ones who are sworn to protect us, are the killers, who want to destroy the human race, someone else has to come to the fore, and take out the Deathstalkers.

There is such a network- it’s called Rowdies Rangers, and they have declared these humans, etc., who want to destroy most of the human race, criminals, and war criminals, and will stop them from carrying out their nefarious plans.

Rowdies Rangers Rock!



Lecture # 17 What is Shadow?

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


We’ve talked about how Shadow operates, and how it’s the power behind Casmere, or MJ12, in the old days, but even then, there was a conflict going on between Casmere and the heads of the governments of every nation in the world.

The ones who really didn’t want to have Casmere operating in their underground sites, still went along with it, for if they didn’t, when Casmere started paying off, they would be open to takeover, from those who did benefit from Casmere. In other words, they wanted to make sure they covered their butts, so they wouldn’t be overthrown.

All the nations of the world, kept strict eyes on Casmere, but they knew they couldn’t do anything if Casmere, turned itself into the New World Order, and became the one government of the world.

Casmere authorized itself to be the sole negotiator of anything having to do with UFOs, ETs, and etc., so the ETs negotiated with Casmere, in their wanting to kidnap humans, to keep this secret, so the humans, wouldn’t be expecting, ETs to kidnap them, and their children.

This agreement was not favored by all, and those who thought Casmere was selling out the human race, began a suborder, which they called the Order of the Sun, for being open and upfront in whatever they did, later this name was changed to Camelot.

The tension between Casmere and Camelot, grew, for Camelot, was totally against the sell out of humans, for technology and weapons, where Casmere, went with the military belief, acceptable casualities, thus those who were kidnapped by ETs, where seen as acceptable losses, and doing their part to make the world a stronger and better place.

At this time, when the tension between the two orders was coming to a head, and looked as if they would go into open conflict, Whisperer came to visit. He/she/it saw what was going on, and established a base, he called Shadow, which was basically a huge financing banking structures, where the two orders could come and borrow money to go out into space.

The two orders refused to work together in traveling into space, so they were told about Star Gates, and Star Portals, each order would choose the one they wanted, and this would be their’s solely.

Shadow taught them both how to use them, and what they’re going to need to be able to build outposts on other planets, and that, they were going to have to sign planetary proclamations, which was to limit their destructive tendencies of the natural resources, on the other planets, and they were expected to clean up any garbage, leftovers, they created on these planets.

Both orders refused to sign, and to their surprise, the Star Gates and the Star Portals quit working. Shadow controlled all travel from this planet to any other, including time travel.

Both orders signed the agreements, and at first, tried to break the agreements, when they got to the planet and started geological expeditions, to find out what natural resources were available on each planet, to mine and take back to the earth.

They needed biohabitats, where both orders could set up shop and run their expeditions, they contracted with Shadow to build and maintain these biohabitats, some which grew to huge structures, but all within the agreements- signed by both orders.

Both orders have gone to many planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and they are now having run ins, with the ETs, who don’t like humans being anywhere in the universe, except on Earth, and are willing to do anything to keep them there.

Both orders, are 600 trillion dollars in debt, to Shadow, but the return is many times that, so they’re actually building new markets from space and the planetary many of space.

Shadow is a banking conglomerate, but is much more, for the Designer works out of Shadow, and he/she/it, is selling many designs to the humans, so their able to get into space and protect themselves.

Field majors of universities, are far behind, the knowledge gained in the planetary expansion of getting a biohabitat, on the planet, which would then be the hq to geological, and etc., expeditions, to quantify and qualify the natural resources, and looking into resort biohabitats.

The ETs have gotten surly, about this expansion by the humans, and have attacked some of the hqs, and lost, for Shadow is there protecting them, and Shadow has weapons never before seen. The ETs are stomping in fury; this is why they sent out invitations to the Ancients to come back and help them defeat Shadow.

To date it hasn’t worked out for them, for Shadow, has beat them back every time, no matter where the attack. It’s also became known that the Orders had signed an Achievement, for Shadow, to be their Architectures, etc., in building and expanding biohabitats.

Both orders are alive with the excited whispering, that it has been discovered,there are alien star stations, all across this sector of the galaxy, and Shadow, has full control of them, even from the ETs and the Ancients.

We are now up to today; Live Long and Prosper!

Staright on til morning…..

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!



News 1- Vietnam, and Today Briefs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )



The Dimens went outward, from the area they usually park in, going outward to take on other primitives, before they take on humans.

The real reason, is that the Awakening, is becoming more and more active in all kinds of people, etc.. The Awaken have a certain look happen, when the Awakening is working within them, then later, the symbol, or energy is filled in, making the person a full Awaken.


Are the Dimens really gone?

No, they simply went into hyper vibration, thus making themselves outside the light, etc., which allows their ships to be seen.

Another way of saying this- is they’ve cloaked themselves.

Waiting for the right time to strike.


Vietnam Realities come home to Roost

I have been having a rough few days, with my health being compromised in a number of ways, but today, I came across why I may be going through this Post Traumatic Syndrome vision.

David Corso is the best sniper, our side had in Vietnam; he remembers none of it.

Here are a few more possibilities of why he doesn’t remember them:

1. He is in fact a great sniper, and did his work very well.

2. The American Black Ops Forces, wanted to use his skills, in other projects, where he couldn’t be at all of them, at the same time or near the same time, so they went to Shadow, to come up with a projector scan, which would turn other Snipers into David Coroso, and they would go out on kill runs, guarded by enviro-outwalkers, do their job, and return safely to base.

3. The problem soon arose, that the picture being projected, had to be resonating with the actual dna of the human screen, or it would fade in and out, or go off all together. Designer, knew that the problem wasn’t with the design, so it had to be with the ones who made it and put it together.

4. As usual, the ones making this: Haliburton, were cutting corners, so the device wouldn’t work, until it got into the field, thus placing the synthetic snipers in deadly danger. Yet it gave Haliburton, a nice under the table profit.

5. The Black Ops Armed Forces then turned to the Makers, to teach the snipers, and the enviro-outwalkers, how to shape change, so they could change their look at will, all done by muscle re-adaption, and breathing done in a way to back-up, shape changes, within the snipers bodyminds.

6. In the Book- Dune, there were face dancers, who could control their muscles, so they could take on anyone’s physical look, shape developing is done in a similar vein, yoga, meditation, and other things make this a very dependable way of becoming whatever you want, when ever you want, a true artist of the bodymind.

7. However, this is simply one aspect of learning to be someone you’re not- the second aspect of shape changing, is the role you’re playing, so you had to take on the persona of another person, in all details, so no one would ever know that there was more than one David Corso, working at the field assignment of victory sniper. To enable this to happen, they first tried acting lessons, but this didn’t work, so then they went back to the Designer, and he came up with the hypno-lessons, which would allow them to download a overcoat version of everything David Corso was and is, so that no one could breakthrough the facade, unless they knew the backdoor codewords. This facade changed the mental activity of the brain to accept the code design, of David Corso, to each sniper, so they now had several best snipers in Vietnam, instead of just one. The last thing the Designer did, which infuriated the Black Ops boys and girls, to no end, was to put in a coded message, that when they returned to home base, in freedom, and the base was still safe, they would give themselves a coded word, which transformed the facade to crystal white light, and they were completely themselves,with no memory of the tight functioning, of the face, and completely free to be themselves.

8. The shape changing incident, caused a rift between the Black Ops boys and girls, and the Designer, which has carried onto this day. They had wanted to keep the shape changers, in mode, to be able to put in new facades, whenever they wanted something done, from murder to spying. Designer refused to allow this to happen, and put the backdoor codewords, which freed them completely from the facade, and the facade structure was taken apart, and could not be used again. The Black Ops destructors, went beserk, and tried to kill the Designer, and many of the Black Ops troops, etc., were destroyed, and hundreds of  millions of dollars in equipment was decimated. They found out the Designer, could use his designs, against those who would try to force a new contract between them.

9. The United States was afraid the Designer would turn his ideas, and designs, against them after this, so they recruited Dupont, to create an chemical agent, which would be a defoliate, to clear off the plants, trees, etc., of Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas, and so on, but at the same time, would be a way of killing the Designer, through chemical warfare, without using their actual chemical warfare stockpiles. Dupont came up with Agent Orange, and the military told their personnel an out and out lie, saying agent orange was not harmful, when they knew it was, but the men and women of the military, were to be collateral damage. They would be sacrificed to kill the Designer; it didn’t work, and several top officers, were seriously wounded, in mysterious way, but it was all buried deep, so no one knew Agent Orange, was a chemical warfare chemical, which was hidden in its true operation, to be able to kill the Designer.

10. The Designer said goodbye, and was gone, not to be seen, by anyone after that, but there were many mysterious happenings, that many thought were the work of the Designer.

11. Military, politicians, etc., see high kill factors on the general population, as an acceptable cost in having 20% of Americans live, while the rest are killed in nuclear attacks, etc.. These are the top heads of each field, not the regular warriors, they want you to live, not die, unfortunately their superiors, don’t see that, they see deaths of millions as an acceptable action, to save the state, to survive to fight on, with an enemy, which is probably just as decimated as America would be. Stupid, Arrogant Fools! Control the Beasts; or die in their warmongering.


# 16 What is the differenece between Dragon and Maker

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014 ( Zoua )

In the Black Ops operations of the US, there are two top ranked Levels: Dragon and Maker. What we’re going to look at tonight is why are there two top echelon training, and operations, under black ops government agencies.

First, Dragons are kidnapped, and kept in underground bases, where they’re put through psychological, physilogical, sociological, redefining, where they’re tortured, brain-washed, and consciousness is split into as many alters, as the trainers want to induce in the Dragons.

This is a very dangerous occupation, the training, and punishing of the children and adults, who are ordered to these particular groups, for they’re dealing with super soldiers, without their help, who can kill without compunction, and who are secretive, and will do things to disrupt the training, punishment, rewards, and do what they want even under all of this.

Dragons are super and ultra warriors, who can use what is done to them to grow stronger, and at the same time, do whatever they want, and the black ops trainers, can do nothing about it.

One Dragon, most call Drago, though that isn’t his name, did whatever he wanted, but went through the training, so he would be one of the Dragons, and be able to teach the other dragons, how to circumvent, or even dump their previous training, etc., and recreate themselves, into what works for them.

Makers are those picked individuals for black ops training, but they’ve already been trained by ETs, and have been doing black ops all over the Universe, usually to take over planets, for the Ets to come in and strip the planet of its resources.

Or at least that what they tried to do, but the Star Killers, soon put a stop to that, they were paid handsomely, for their weapons, and strategy, but stripping planets was stopped.

The ETs, at this time, called themselves Doctor Planets, for they would go in with precise incision and cut out all the valued resources in the planets, but this was stopped, to their fury, and they tried to strike back at their Star Killers, and were defeated, so they withdrew.

Several years later, they made peace with their Star Killers, for they were now leaders of many planets, systems and some galaxies, with millions of warriors, fleets of ships, like none other, and they all called the Designer, First Prime.

Star Killers are trained to protect themselves against any form of violence, so when the black ops operators, started kidnapping children, and adults, they ran into the Star Killers, and renamed them Makers, for they make things happen in their favor, not in the black ops operators.

Both networks, are psychic, spiritual, trained to enth degree, and are not to be messed with. They protect what they consider their friends, whether those friends know it or not.

Both kill without doubt, for those they kill, are those who use others and kill without thought; both gladly kill these vipers.

Dragons are David Corso, Duncan O’finian, Miranda ( ACE ), and others.

Makers prefer not to be known, for they’re your neighbors, your friends, family, etc.. They do what is necessary to maintain the equality and balance in their environments.

Makers maintain contact with Whisperer, and work with him/her/it to govern the Universe, with freedom- as its foundation.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# Lecture 15 The Unprotected in nations of the world

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


In the upcoming war, which may or may not, start on July 4, 2014, because of their actions and inactions, shall not be protected by Rowdies Rangers, the Creationist/Designer.

Here is a partial list:

White House


Supreme Court

Dept of Justice

Dept of Education


Underground Cities

Underground Bases

Killer Elites


Presidential hideouts


Intelligence Agencies


Republicans, who want to take over America

Democrats, who want to take over America

Militarized Scientists, etc.

Militarized Universities and Colleges

Military Academies

Military outfits who use drones

Makers of Drones



gang members



All Government Agencies who have collected computer data on its citizens





what is given for the US, is duplicated in every country in the world.

Hasta la vista, baby!