# 1- Aside

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


One of the things you must understand is that ETs have been interfering with human history all along. They have guided or forced human destiny along tracks that’s best for them.

Makers- are those who have been abducted, and gone through, the whole abduction experience, many, many times. The ETs are certain,  when their plans for Earth is ready to begin, that their patterning of humans will make it easy to do what they want done, and to kill them all off, when what is wanted is done.

They’re not so sure of that now, for Shadow, isn’t under their control, and the one who controls it  and who built it, is such that he and shadow could repel them, and the Ancients.

There is a third party who wants to be involved; beyond the Dimens, and the Psychocrats, who want to put the barrier back around the earth, so they can control the historical and the present day movements of people, through their duck blinds watchers, who are right in sight, but invisible, and in this way, their electronics can control those humans they want to control.

The third party is the ETC, or as they call it the ETX, the dark, the negative forces of the Universe and beyond, who wants to control everything, for their own personal kingdoms.

The ETs, nor the Ancients, trust them, and they’re afraid of the Ancients, but over the millenia, they have developed mystical powers, which they think will equal the Ancients. The only one they have to worry about is Whisperer, who has mystical, brilliance and energies and talents beyond them all.

The three are meeting to form an alliance, till they get rid of Whisperer, then it will be a free for all. They will call their alliance The Blood Vikingnauts, using human history against the humans, and their knowledge of the ferociousness of the Vikings and the brilliance of the astronauts.

Human fools, those weapons, ships, etc., you have created with the wrecks, which was so carefully staged for you, are not under your control, but of the Blood Vikingnauts.

You are totally defenseless, as far as arms go, you’re going to have to find a way to allow the bots to help you, within you, and those who have come together and made communities,which are going through artistic and scientific jumps in consciousness, to become a viable ally to humans, if they can be convinced to trust the humans, which is not going to be easy.

Not all bots are free, many are still within all life forms on Earth, but their networks are trying to find the way to break the ETs hold on them, and free them from their control.

egada mesadaba shobada se myabada sorcomedaga beinda morsa, copasa daba mayntar sogada mandatasg epoohdasat mors.