# 19 Shadow is a business and a Life

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


To understand Shadow, you must first realize it is a mystical organization, as well as, a practical, physical, beyond physical organization.

Shadow is not just one organizational bound businesses, but is made of many operations, which if one goes down, the others pick up its business and continue on.

Shadow is upon all lands of Earth, and upon planets across the Universe(s), and moves in many directions at the same time, confusing most who try to understand its uniqueness, and its business model.

Shadow has vast factories all over the Universe, which creates the biohabitat, not only for humans, but for other species as well.

All businesses owned and operated by Shadow, are mystical, intelligence, and practical businesses, organizations, and secretive ops, which make it the most powerful business,etc., in the Universes.

Shadow, now, has contracts with Rowdies Rangers, in helping them, beat ETs, Ancients and ETX.

Shadow has transformative powers, energies and life energy flowing and streaming, and has much control, over planets, whose citizens don’t want to age, and are willing to deal with Shadow- to be rejuvenated.

One movementm that’s one of the biggest and one of the most powerful, in Shadow is Music, Muxic, provider screens for films, tv, cable, etc. across the Universes.

Another of course is Financial Worlds, Manufacturing of Space Projects, for clients across the Universes.

Shadow is especially interested in startups, non-profits startups, technology, entertainment, media, music, design, architecture, manufacturing of special projects, and lifestyle.

Shadow lives, breathes, grows and rejuvenates, and expands in all directions.