# 20 Top of the Tops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


This is the meat of the whole works, who is working the Universe, and who believes they are.

We have said that Black Ops, have created supersoldiers, super warriors, Dragons and Makers, but what we haven’t said, is about the adders, just like puff adders, deadly.

Who are these intelligent, deadly humans or biological intelligent entities; they’re the highest of the high, to come out of black ops training; the operations teams, never thought this would happen; they didn’t have a clue. They created the Colors- much to their regret, and their ability to be healthy.

The Colors are the Adder Dragons, of the levels of trained assassins, etc;,  they all, are ruled by Top Maker. They don’t mess in others color and what it represents, so they don’t go to war with each other, and therefore gain, rather than losing.

The Colors are:

1. Red- ruler of water and energy, to a degree, which would astound you, if you knew how much Red Adder Dragon, could control energy and water, storms, etc.

2. Blue- ruler of the sky, thunderstorms, flight, birds, storms, clear days, past lives, and so on, Blue Adder Dragon.

3. Yellow- ruler of solar, stars, solar systems, galaxies and universes- Yellow Adder Dragon.

4. Green- ruler of agriculture, food, waste, drink, business, space travel, etc.- Green Adder Dragon.

5. Gold- ruler of earth, minerals, gold, silver, precious gems, fertile grounds, reseeding of worn out grounds- Gold Adder Dragon.

6. Silver- ruler of processes- atomic energy, particles, quantum particles, sub atomic particles, subspace particles, fusion, cool fusion, etc.- Silver Adder Dragon.

7. Copper- ruler of machines, mechanical processes, salvage, retrofitting, rehabing, new ideas of mechanical synergy, autos, farm equipment, space vehicles, airplanes, etc.- Copper Adder Dragon.

8. Orange- ruler of gases, elements, TV tubes, lighting, electricity, nuclear energy, solar energy, gamma rays, etc.- Orange Adder Dragon.

9. Golden Brown- ruler of deserts, oasis, mirage, illusions, magic, science, dark matter, dust, pyrite,false minerals, etc.- Golden Brown Adder Dragon.


The Highest of the High

1. Crystal White- ruler of life energy, creation, energy of reality, shaper of Universes, Dimensions, Beyonds, creating something from nothing, sculptor of new energies, new life, new bodies, rejuvenation, regeneration, holistic health, microcosmic, etc.- Crystal White Shaper Maker.

So ends the list…..or does it?