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Update from John Storm MK Survivor

Greetings to all,

I’m sure I’ve mentioned the “black-outs” that I’m prone to, when I’m not just outright falling asleep from the narcolepsy.  Neither my neurologist (recently fired, for keeping information on my MRIs and such from me and my lawyers), nor my primary physician has chosen to address.  As a former MK Ultra (which ONLY my neurologist is aware of) it is one of the most terrifying things that could happen to me.  I have NO IDEA of what I’m doing, or have done when I’m in that state.  I’m only aware that something happened that I have no knowledge of, when I find things missing in my apartment, or from my person, or groceries that I would not ever buy in my fridge.  I’m constantly wondering if there’s evidence of some “chipping” on those MRIs and if they have something to do with my bizarre and irratic behavior. …

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It’s not just the NSA: Phone surveillance tech lets any government track your movements


Sophisticated phone tracking and surveillance may seem the purview of the National Security Agency and other big government spying agencies, but it’s increasingly becoming available to small-time stalkers around the world. The reason? Surveillance equipment makers are selling the technology across the globe, making it much easier for tin-pot governments – and even criminal gangs – to spy on anyone with a mobile phone, according to a new report in the Washington Post.

What these systems all have in common is their use of mobile carriers’ networks to track your phone’s movements or to sense its location in real time. By tapping into the carriers’ signaling networks, governments and hackers alike can query the location of a particular phone at any time, even if it’s outside the country, according to the Post’s in-depth explanation. A telecom security researcher was able use those techniques to track a Post employee’s location within a…

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

This morning, 8/21/1, around 5am to 6:15 am, I slipped into a vision-memory, which I’ve never had before:

1. I felt it is time, for Hitler to make his return, or the world caught up with the Time journey Hitler and his Mistress did, to bring them into the future, when the world would once again be ready to follow a persuasive speaker and madman.

2. This was done with the help, and planning of ETs; they had come to Hitler, early in World War II, and told him the outcome, and that they would help him escape into the future, when the weaponry and the craziness would be in a much better condition, for his type of rhetoric.

3. They called this Operation Caliper, for to do this you had to have certain points in time known, and by this, they could fly in time to the general coordinates of the time period they wanted to set him up in.

4. However, this wouldn’t be as precise as if they could bring someone, who could traverse time, or not time, with specific certainty, so in January of 1945, they picked the couple, who would draw down into physical living once again, the Rakish, a being so far ahead of everyone else, what we discover, he or she, has dreamed beyond ages ago, and he/she can go forward, back, sideways, in what is looked upon as time, at will.

5. The ETs kidnapped the young couple, and got sperm from the father, and eggs from the mother, and utilized science/time, to create an egg capable of holding this being, if they could interest him/her enough, to draw him/her into the creation of life.

6. They placed the egg into a suspended halo of particles, which were not complete, for none of what they did could be complete, only the one they were trying to draw could make it whole and living.

7. They created the halo effect, where a minature doorway to all levels of being, and all levels and doorways to all living matter, was held around the egg and sper- floating in space- dormant, until needed, this is and was extremely dangerous. They next had the Nordics, aim weapons at the young couple, and be ready to destroy them, when ordered.

8. They brought into the reality of what they were creating the reality of life,and the sperm and egg were integrated, but before they could be the normal integration, vast powers came into the halo levels, and with a super energy light explosion life-cosmos was created, and the pulsation of belief came into the egg, and it went directly into the mother, transforming her and the father as it did so, so they could be around the egg, and deliver it in the normal way.

9. The young couple disappeared; the ETs were quite satisfied, when they were gone, and the mother ship exploded, and a new sun was created.

10. Over the next 9 months, the ETs picked up the young couple, monthly until the 5th month, then they did so weekly, as they drew the egg out of the mother’s body, and then the baby, who kept the womb operating, and healthy, as if it was still there. They studied this being, and utilized their Time Mechanics on it, and put into it great amounts of knowledge, etc., more or less to try to spark total access of this being’s great knowledge and powers, for they were like imbeciles to this being.

11. In the seventh month, they did the first time operation, and took the baby, into a time chamber, and took him/her, through physical changes up to the age of 100.

12. The baby, itself, made sure the experiment went well, but when they took him/her out of the chamber, the baby wiped clean the whole starship, went back into his mother’s womb, took them off the ship, and then put the starship, into a total healing and cleansing, and put the creation waves around it, transforming it into the living craft, and the sole companion of the baby.

13. The ETs kidnapped the young couple again, at the eight month, and tried to put commands into the baby, which didn’t work, then they presented to the baby the problem of specific time point travel, and the baby yawned, they went to where Hitler and his Mistress was in their hiding space, the baby transformed into a teenager, then a being of pure energy and light, and Hitler and Mistress was gone.

14. The ETs brought out the clones of Hitler and his Mistress, and spoke the command word, Hitler picked up the gun, the ETs and the teenager left, they heard the gun fire.

15. The ETs and the teenager went back to where the young couple were safe, and the teenager turned back into a baby, and went back into the womb, putting all the biologics into place, for a healthy birth. The ETs didn’t even try to return them to the Earth, the baby did that.

16. Hitler and his Mistress are now readying his rise to power once again on the planet Earth. Masses wait his rhetoric, and they will follow him once again, but his insanity has been cured, and he is knowledgeable, as is his wife. They are ready to build the 4th Reich, and bring the world into the Nazi fold.

17. Years now to 2020. Be ready to repel the evil, which is Hitler, once again.

The Bucegi Mountain Secrets & Evidence

I have talked to top Romanian politicians and they confirmed this is indeed real. – James Rink


This page contains excerpts of the discovery plus two years of my research finding confirmations throughout history…

In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, an epochal discovery was found that would completely change the destiny of mankind.

Section “I” contains excerpts from the book. Section “II” onwards is my own research regarding this discovery. I apologise in advance for such a lengthy page but some things cannot be explained in a few sentences.

To prevent this page from being five times longer I have only covered the absolute basics for each section of my own research but anyone who wishes to discuss this further can click here contact me. A brief summary can be found just below the following links…

Sections on this page

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# 24 Shadow starts Rising Mass

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Yes, children- Shadow is moving from the darkness into the light, in a large manner, as islands and land masses turn into Shadow lands, cities and playgrounds.

Any attempt to come to these risings, will be met with direct ending of the try; in other words, stay home. Shadow doesn’t like nosy neighbors.

There will be a full island rising out of the sea, near Hawaiian Islands, with a full city upon it, and it will disappear, no prying eyes will be able to see into the island, not even the NSA, or other criminal elements of the nations of the world.

In Australia, a land area, will rise, and another city will land on it, and it to will become invisible. No one will be allowed to come to this city; in other words all humans, etc., are persona non gratis.

In every country, in the world, in the oceans, land will rise, and cities will land on them, as Shadow makes itself at home on the Earth, and then, there will be another Sun in the sky, with a full complement of planets revolving around it, and this sun will not interfere with the old sun, but will be here to keep it young for trillions of years.

You can expect Garden Isles to be landing in various areas of the Earth, and they, too, are private, and will stop any try to find out about them, which means- if you want your toys to stay in good shape, turn them away, from the Garden Isles.

In the space around the solar system and tied in with this solar system, will see the coming out of invisibility star stations, of the Kal, making this system one of the most powerful systems in any Universe, reality, realm, experience, etc.

All of these are home bases for the Awaken, and none other.

Except for the Island in the Pacific, that is the personal home of the Siderealian.

Welcome, the future to the planet earth.

# 23 Life and bodymind

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


 We know that consciousness and life energies, physical/mental life energies, are not the same. How can this be?

The answer is- your consciousness is spirit, and your life energies of bodymind is physical/mental, ergo, these life energies reflect what is going on within the consciousness of the individual.

How is this possible? It’s possible, for life in the cosmos, is a combination of spirit and bodymind, it’s a symbiotic relationship, where the bodymind welcomes the consciousness imprinting and matching its vibration; this can only be done by the creation of a soul, which is the combination of the spirit and the bodymind.

The soul is only needed until, the person, being, meditates and transforms him/her/itself, and dissipates the soul, for a direct link between spirit and bodymind.

This is the beginning of the higher state of mind, and the bringing out of psychic talents, abilities and skills, which haven’t been brought out until now.

It is the recognition of the Source, which is the YOU, that develops spirits to reflect itself in different nuances, and is the driving life energy, of both the spirit and the maintenance of the bodymind, so the soul can allow a smaller life energy charge of consciousness to go into the bodymind and step up its animate movements, and where it builds a holistic intuitive feeling between them, so consciousness and bodymind movements match, and show the truth of how the person is feeling within their total being- spirit + bodymind creates a life form.

The soul operates as the match, until it is no longer needed, then it turns to pure life energy and goes back into the bodymind, and enhances, the life energies already flowing and streaming there.

The soul is only a slip of the life energies of the spirit, so it can imprint itself on the bodymind, without blowing out the bodymind. Life comes, when the soul and the bodymind create holistic imprintation, which allows true movement following each other without thinking about it, but simply by intuititive action.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 22 What drives all energies within the bodymind

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

What drives all the life energies and their expressions within the individual bodymind?

First, energies are not you, they’re symbolic of you, showing the world, and yourself what’s going on with you.

You’re not life energies per se, but life energies are a symbolic movement of what’s going on with you, but these are a symbol of you, not you.

Life energies move in a way to show what[s going on within you, where you see yourself, right now, thus consciousness isn’t found in the life energies, but the life energies reflect consciousness as pure as it can.

You must remember, no physical or non-physical energy can ever be pure consciousness, but what it can do is transcend itself, and give a pure doorway to navigate its truth, about what’s going on with the person.

We readers of movement, energy, color, etc., listen to what the energies, movements and expressions tell us about your past-present-future.

However, the energies, movements and expressions, can only symbolize the feelings the consciousness is feeling, whereas when reading the consciousness, you’re directly affected/effected by how the consciousness broadcasts, symbolizes and loves.

Here is the deepest movement of all- self-love, if you do not have self-love, high self-esteem, self-respect and self-creative, you’re in denial, of your consciousness, and thus, these can be found and worked with, with a counselor, or through your own work, journaling, going naked and moving, and writing down what its like, stretching, running, playing, singing, dancing, and standing still and listening with your whole being, which includes consciousness, life energies, symbolization, and working through any problem you might find.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you always!

# 21 Star Gates, etc.

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Star Gates seem to be property the Black Ops of America want very badly, and are willing to go to war to get them. Kerry Cassidy says there is one in Iraq, and that’s why we went to war with Iraq, ergo the real reason is to gain space travel.

Another organization which pops up alot is the secret space command, and they’re interplanetary, etc..

And the Black ops and human governments control these ways of traveling in the Universe.

Really, that would be a big surprise to the Designer, who designed all of these star gates, and oversees them. These gates can be turned on or off, at will, and if a government believes it controls star gates…HA!

Now, this secret space command, are done, not at the will of the black ops, or human government, but are leased out to them, at high rates, to allow them to go to planets already set up for them, but they’re under strict orders to not to deviate from their planned space journey, those who do- lose their ability to go interplanetary, and intergalactic.

Fabrication of biohabitats, for human populations, to do mining, agriculture, science research, are also leased, and strictly run, by the rules of the Designer, or all in the habitat, are transported back to Earth instantaneously.

This infuriates the humans, and the black ops personnel, sometimes try to find the Designer, and attack one of their meeting places, to find him or her or it, but are always defeated, and a 25% increase in the amount owed to the Designer, is placed or added to the amount they owe the Designer, most human governments, owe the Designer in access of 600 trillion dollars, a small fraction of the amount gained by doing sustainable mining, etc. on planets, which can be used to gain minerals, gems, etc., to bring back to earth, with a value of untold riches, so even paying the leasing costs, etc., they still make a great amount of money.

The Designer works for many species and races, on worlds across universes, and is the richest self-employed individual in the Universe.

This gives rise to crooks and murderers who want to do crimes against him/her/it, for their own benefit; all who have tried, are now exiled on planets equaling their crime.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!