# 21 Star Gates, etc.

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Star Gates seem to be property the Black Ops of America want very badly, and are willing to go to war to get them. Kerry Cassidy says there is one in Iraq, and that’s why we went to war with Iraq, ergo the real reason is to gain space travel.

Another organization which pops up alot is the secret space command, and they’re interplanetary, etc..

And the Black ops and human governments control these ways of traveling in the Universe.

Really, that would be a big surprise to the Designer, who designed all of these star gates, and oversees them. These gates can be turned on or off, at will, and if a government believes it controls star gates…HA!

Now, this secret space command, are done, not at the will of the black ops, or human government, but are leased out to them, at high rates, to allow them to go to planets already set up for them, but they’re under strict orders to not to deviate from their planned space journey, those who do- lose their ability to go interplanetary, and intergalactic.

Fabrication of biohabitats, for human populations, to do mining, agriculture, science research, are also leased, and strictly run, by the rules of the Designer, or all in the habitat, are transported back to Earth instantaneously.

This infuriates the humans, and the black ops personnel, sometimes try to find the Designer, and attack one of their meeting places, to find him or her or it, but are always defeated, and a 25% increase in the amount owed to the Designer, is placed or added to the amount they owe the Designer, most human governments, owe the Designer in access of 600 trillion dollars, a small fraction of the amount gained by doing sustainable mining, etc. on planets, which can be used to gain minerals, gems, etc., to bring back to earth, with a value of untold riches, so even paying the leasing costs, etc., they still make a great amount of money.

The Designer works for many species and races, on worlds across universes, and is the richest self-employed individual in the Universe.

This gives rise to crooks and murderers who want to do crimes against him/her/it, for their own benefit; all who have tried, are now exiled on planets equaling their crime.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!