# 24 Shadow starts Rising Mass

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Yes, children- Shadow is moving from the darkness into the light, in a large manner, as islands and land masses turn into Shadow lands, cities and playgrounds.

Any attempt to come to these risings, will be met with direct ending of the try; in other words, stay home. Shadow doesn’t like nosy neighbors.

There will be a full island rising out of the sea, near Hawaiian Islands, with a full city upon it, and it will disappear, no prying eyes will be able to see into the island, not even the NSA, or other criminal elements of the nations of the world.

In Australia, a land area, will rise, and another city will land on it, and it to will become invisible. No one will be allowed to come to this city; in other words all humans, etc., are persona non gratis.

In every country, in the world, in the oceans, land will rise, and cities will land on them, as Shadow makes itself at home on the Earth, and then, there will be another Sun in the sky, with a full complement of planets revolving around it, and this sun will not interfere with the old sun, but will be here to keep it young for trillions of years.

You can expect Garden Isles to be landing in various areas of the Earth, and they, too, are private, and will stop any try to find out about them, which means- if you want your toys to stay in good shape, turn them away, from the Garden Isles.

In the space around the solar system and tied in with this solar system, will see the coming out of invisibility star stations, of the Kal, making this system one of the most powerful systems in any Universe, reality, realm, experience, etc.

All of these are home bases for the Awaken, and none other.

Except for the Island in the Pacific, that is the personal home of the Siderealian.

Welcome, the future to the planet earth.