It’s not just the NSA: Phone surveillance tech lets any government track your movements


Sophisticated phone tracking and surveillance may seem the purview of the National Security Agency and other big government spying agencies, but it’s increasingly becoming available to small-time stalkers around the world. The reason? Surveillance equipment makers are selling the technology across the globe, making it much easier for tin-pot governments – and even criminal gangs – to spy on anyone with a mobile phone, according to a new report in the Washington Post.

What these systems all have in common is their use of mobile carriers’ networks to track your phone’s movements or to sense its location in real time. By tapping into the carriers’ signaling networks, governments and hackers alike can query the location of a particular phone at any time, even if it’s outside the country, according to the Post’s in-depth explanation. A telecom security researcher was able use those techniques to track a Post employee’s location within a…

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