Update from John Storm MK Survivor

Greetings to all,

I’m sure I’ve mentioned the “black-outs” that I’m prone to, when I’m not just outright falling asleep from the narcolepsy.  Neither my neurologist (recently fired, for keeping information on my MRIs and such from me and my lawyers), nor my primary physician has chosen to address.  As a former MK Ultra (which ONLY my neurologist is aware of) it is one of the most terrifying things that could happen to me.  I have NO IDEA of what I’m doing, or have done when I’m in that state.  I’m only aware that something happened that I have no knowledge of, when I find things missing in my apartment, or from my person, or groceries that I would not ever buy in my fridge.  I’m constantly wondering if there’s evidence of some “chipping” on those MRIs and if they have something to do with my bizarre and irratic behavior. …

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