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Humans are very useful in the manipulations of ETs

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Humans came to the harsh realization, that humans are being trained as deadly assassins, soldiers, protectors, etc., by ETs; so they knew they better find these humans and find out what the ETs were doing to them, to train them into being so deadly, they can drop them on a planet, and within a short time, the planet is totally in the hands of the supersoldier.

The human governments went into hyperdrive to find these under training humans, the ETs found or created, so they could find the genetic markers they left in them, to tell them this is an assassin, and an agent supreme.

They watched and kidnapped all humans they thought had been taken by ETs, and put them through strong exertion, examinations, to find those the ETs, were training, by simply updating their previous training, and adding new information found since their deaths and rebirth.

Information, accurate information, is an absolute necessity, in having your super soldier complete the tasks you want them to do. Thus human governments, went on an information hunt binge, and started collecting all sorts of information, especially on creative people, musicians, actors, as well as, psychics, mediums, and so on. They looked everywhere, for those who were sensitive, and who seem to see beyond what’s in front of them.

They begin to find markers that told them, these were Past Life SuperSoldiers, and others, needed to take over planets, star systems, and so on.

The human governments began to utilize hypnosis, and psychic readings; utilizing psychics good at reading pictures, files, to find these people, and what other people are good at, without them knowing, or even doing, what these psychics found.

This all began many years before Roswell; Roswell was a feint, where the crash of clones, covered up the real reason, for the crash, the freedom of micro/nano bots, onto the ground, in the air, and attaching themselves to whoever came to look into the crash.

There have been other crashes all over the world, as these crashes freed mircro/nano bots, inplants, into our environment; they either were directed to stay surface riding, or were programmed to be moles, and go into the geological movements of the Earth.

They give continual information to the supersoldiers, etc., about what’s going on- in and on the planet. They’re Info Seekers;  they can also be used to control humans, animals, plants, insects, etc..

They’re found in memory, intellect, higher intelligent thinking areas of the brain, in the sexual organs, and fluids of the bodymind, plant bodies, animal bodies, and others. They collect information, and record necessary external actions, wanted by the ETs, to help them in observing the human race, and the family interactions, so as to be able to build on that with their human warriors, etc..

You will see ufos, flowing over the ground, as if looking for something, what their really doing is uploading information from the bots, inplants, and freeing up their capacity to store information, for more information, as they find it in their travels.

This information is given to the assassins, agents, etc., as well, so they can put it into their over all memory  banks, created to hold this information, and they can draw from it instantly, but they forget about them, when humans try to withdraw information from them.

The ones abused in this are- the humans, who are kidnapped, and put through this, and other phenomena, to widen their ability to experience, and to turn on and off in a moment’s notice.

In sex areas, on motherships, they’re turned off, while their partner is changed. for an android, and then the kill order is given, and the human will kill their sex partner. A problem arises, if the sex partner is someone they love, they will not hurt them, no matter what they do, and if the press to hard, they become the enemy, and the assassin, goes after them, so they keep other assassins around them at all times to stop a rogue assassin.

Information is the name of the game in abductions, along with genetic intunement, to transform certain genetic traits, which won’t come out until upcoming lives/experiences in those lives.

Humans are the deadliest assassins in the Universe; they act and do without thought or compassion, and they deliver on what is expected of them.

” straight on til morning ”

PS- Certain kidnapees are kidnap on a continual basis, for they’re Calmers, Arnold S., actor, is one of these, he is seen as a protector, calmer, sex partner, and others. Humans trust him, and thus he is worth his weight in gold, to be a handler of not only human kidnapees, but non-human ones, as well.

Finding the Deadliest Humans in the World

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2o14


How does one go about finding the best recruits to turn into the deadliest operators in the world. It begins with deciding what kind of operator you want to recruit. What skills, etc., do you want them to be open to learn; what about psychological profiles, background checks, etc.

All of that is bullshit; you don’t find operatives in the way  you look for an employee, get it out of your mind, that these operatives are your employees. They’re not; they operate to their own drum, and it’s best to train them in what you want them to know, from that past life framework already in action within them, even if they don’t know it.

The best beginning training, is when the operative to be doesn’t even know they’re being trained, by relating events, happenings, interactions, etc., in a way that will give the operative a here and now learning, but more important, bring out within them the previous knowledge they already have. This means you aren’t in control of them, but are an outside force, trying to sculpt them into being the terrorist you want.

Don’t allow any training to their mental conditioning, to be to harsh, but make it more feeling, train them to trust their feelings, and to accept what comes to them as they travel the road to becoming a deadly agent for you.

One of the best trainers is music; choose music that expands their consciousness, and puts them int a receptive mood, to have you draw upon what you already know, by the training you had in your past lives.

However, don’t limit your training music to only past lives experiencing, but look to future lives as well, find music that will tune into the future and their skills, talents, and abilities.

Martial arts, trained by those who respect them, brings them ready to do operations, and to be able to escape from any tense moments.

However, do not allow them to be told that the Universe is one, for it is not, it is a network, and within that network is the talents, abilities and skills they need and can draw upon at any time.

Do not bring out killing tools, etc., until you have seen with your own eyes, they’re ready to expand, not experience, death/destruction/erase someone, and especially don’t train them to kill, until they’re ready. You must allow them to turn themselves into a deadly assassin, and in this way, their whole life is in keeping as the deadliest of assassins.

Throughout their training, remind them the training is to simply help them to remember their skills from a past or future time, and they’re free to use that knowledge on any of their assignments, or in their everyday life.

Do not use rough methods to train them, or you will die; they’re capable of taking on most military  units in the world, in their beginning training, so treat them with the respect they deserve.

If they want information, get it for them, get them the best in modern equipment, computers, etc., anything that will help them turn themselves into human assassins.

At any moment, turn their thoughts into being a protector of the people, who are paying for them to become all they can be, and they’re to protect them, and especially those they are given orders to protect, by taking out others, who want to harm them, or the government in which they live.

The above is true for man or woman or else.

The Gray Walker walks the Universe again.

New levels within levels already known in Black Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The levels showing the skill, stamina, and talent/abilities of a person put on learning path by others and not him/her self, or if the person does choose to go down this path of being a black ops operator are:


1. Beginning- Rattlesnakes

2. Tigers

Ultra Warriors

1. Mongooses

2. Pythons


1. corals ( snakes )

2. Venoms


Top Agent

1. Sinkbomber

There is only one Sinkbomber, who is the deadliest of them all, and who rules over the others, and makes them toe the line.

The ones, who create these black ops operators, are terrified of them, so they put in them methods of killing them, if they come after them. They keep them under constant mindbending, and keep careful eyes on them to see if they show any knew talents, abilities are skills.

The one thing that most don’t know about is- a person isn’t chosen for a black ops operator, unless they’ve had war experience in a past life or lives, or they’re taken to a different time period, put into war situations, and shown how to survive, and not only survive, but to breathe it in, and become a Top Gun in that environment.

Black Ops Operators are warriors in past lives, and future lives, so they can be hypnotized, and all of these abilities, etc., brought out, to help them in these black ops operations.

Rattlesnakes, are already soldiers, from the past, they now become operatives, more than they were, and made into highly skilled killers, assassins, and gameplayers, where they go into situations, and take them over, by anyway, necessary.

They;re the schemers in the game of life; they’re there to win, and that’s all that matters to them.

Still, there’s a flaw in the programming, the person themselves, they’re strong willed and will eventually break the programming, and become self-willed, and will continue to free themselves, until they win free of the programming, but keep all the skills, talents and abilities.

They have so many talents abilities and skills, they’re around and never known about, but they control the game, they’re playing in.

Welcome to the reality of the Free Agents of Black Ops.

Shadow Executives try a Coup!

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

This October, the Executives of Shadow tried to take over Shadow, and thereby getting all the debt owed to Shadow, from the nations of this world and other worlds.

They tried to keep the Shadowmaster out; this didn’t work out to well for them, and they were seized and put in a place to fit their crime.

Those in the nations, who went along with this, to get some of the spoils, we’re taken and put in another place, then all of them were mind wiped, about Shadow, and put back into their regular lives.

New executives, now run Shadow operations, for the Shadowmaster, and new international contacts are being established, with each international country.

The same is being done with other countries, etc., on other planets. The ones who were in on the coup have been mind wiped, and new executives appointed.

The Shadowmaster still rules Shadow. Don’t bet against the Shadowmaster!