New levels within levels already known in Black Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

The levels showing the skill, stamina, and talent/abilities of a person put on learning path by others and not him/her self, or if the person does choose to go down this path of being a black ops operator are:


1. Beginning- Rattlesnakes

2. Tigers

Ultra Warriors

1. Mongooses

2. Pythons


1. corals ( snakes )

2. Venoms


Top Agent

1. Sinkbomber

There is only one Sinkbomber, who is the deadliest of them all, and who rules over the others, and makes them toe the line.

The ones, who create these black ops operators, are terrified of them, so they put in them methods of killing them, if they come after them. They keep them under constant mindbending, and keep careful eyes on them to see if they show any knew talents, abilities are skills.

The one thing that most don’t know about is- a person isn’t chosen for a black ops operator, unless they’ve had war experience in a past life or lives, or they’re taken to a different time period, put into war situations, and shown how to survive, and not only survive, but to breathe it in, and become a Top Gun in that environment.

Black Ops Operators are warriors in past lives, and future lives, so they can be hypnotized, and all of these abilities, etc., brought out, to help them in these black ops operations.

Rattlesnakes, are already soldiers, from the past, they now become operatives, more than they were, and made into highly skilled killers, assassins, and gameplayers, where they go into situations, and take them over, by anyway, necessary.

They;re the schemers in the game of life; they’re there to win, and that’s all that matters to them.

Still, there’s a flaw in the programming, the person themselves, they’re strong willed and will eventually break the programming, and become self-willed, and will continue to free themselves, until they win free of the programming, but keep all the skills, talents and abilities.

They have so many talents abilities and skills, they’re around and never known about, but they control the game, they’re playing in.

Welcome to the reality of the Free Agents of Black Ops.