Shadow Executives try a Coup!

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

This October, the Executives of Shadow tried to take over Shadow, and thereby getting all the debt owed to Shadow, from the nations of this world and other worlds.

They tried to keep the Shadowmaster out; this didn’t work out to well for them, and they were seized and put in a place to fit their crime.

Those in the nations, who went along with this, to get some of the spoils, we’re taken and put in another place, then all of them were mind wiped, about Shadow, and put back into their regular lives.

New executives, now run Shadow operations, for the Shadowmaster, and new international contacts are being established, with each international country.

The same is being done with other countries, etc., on other planets. The ones who were in on the coup have been mind wiped, and new executives appointed.

The Shadowmaster still rules Shadow. Don’t bet against the Shadowmaster!