Time to build personal protect fields

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Terrorists, ISIS, etc., and others, are stepping up their killing of innocents. ISIS kills children and teenagers, 3 men kill cartoonists, because they don’t like their political cartoons, about their God, the Big M, and of others like the leaders of ISIS.

These fanatics, use these so called reasons, to be able to kill, innocents, who can’t defend themselves, and they call themselves heroes, because they kill everything in sight.

These freaks of nature, must be brought down, and the best way is to arm the public with a personal protect field, that not only protects them, but allows the bullets, etc., to return to sender, killing the killers.

There are going to be those who don’t won’t to kill them, but simply be safe from them, their protect fields will simply block out whatever the assholes, not terrorists, want to do to them.

It’s time to build smart devices, who can actually save lives, and put an end to terrorists, and wars, for they are unable, to kill anyone. What if they destroy the environment around them, and the building crashed down on them. These personal protect fields, will be able to protect their owners, from any kind of terrorist act, and send back to sender. Thus the terrorists are the one who dies, not the innocents.

These personal protect fields are futuristic; well, the future is now, and the military have been working on ideas which will protect soldiers, and allow the killing of the enemy.

Use their research, and add it for personal protection, for every person in the world. We have the way to build this, use our creative engineering and our mind to come up with the answers.

Anyone who is interested in doing this, anyone who wants to fund the research, please contact me at maxillya@gmail.com

Come on do something that will make the creator wealthy, and save the human race from itself.