FBI doesn’t want companies to hack in retaliation


Major banks, retailers, manufacturers and other companies are fed up with the increasing amount of cyber attacks and are exploring hacking in revenge, something the FBI doesn’t seem too keen on, according to a Bloomberg report.

Based on the perception that the U.S. government is not doing enough to stop data breaches, some companies are looking to hack into criminal networks and take back their goods as well as stop future breaches. To help with the retaliation hacks, these companies are supposedly working with security firms.

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reports that the FBI is investigating who took down the Iranian servers responsible for launching cyber attacks against major banks last year. Supposedly, [company]JPMorgan[/company] Chase (whose unpatched server led to a data breach earlier this summer) advocated such a move in a secret meeting in February 2013. But a spokeswoman told Bloomberg that the bank didn’t present any sort…

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