UK terror law amendments would bring back “Snooper’s Charter”


Four U.K. Lords have proposed amendments to an anti-terror bill that would revive much of the dormant Communications Data Bill, a.k.a the “Snooper’s Charter”.

In particular, the amendments would let British authorities force web and telecoms providers — even those outside the U.K. — not only to retain metadata on customers’ communications, but also to install equipment for “filtering” data. It looks like access to this data would not be subject to judicial oversight.

The Communications Data Bill is supposedly dead in the water during the current Parliament – the Conservatives’ Liberal Democrat coalition partners refuse to allow it – but the key elements are found in the amendments to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, which is in its latter stages of development.

The amendments broadly describe a data retention regime, and much of their language seems to double up what can already be found in the recently rushed-through Data…

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