President Obama Asks That Germans Give US “The Benefit Of The Doubt” On NSA Spying


In a press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama both spoke favorably of American intelligence work.

In 2013, news that the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) had tapped Merkel’s phone caused a sensation. The United States promised to knock it off. Merkel, at the time, was less than pleased: “Friends don’t spy on each other,” she said.

Now, things appear calmer between the two nations. Here’s Merkel earlier today discussing the need for collaboration with the United States:

There are still different assessments on individual issues there, but if we look at the sheer dimension of the terrorist threats, we are more than aware of the fact that we need to work together very closely.

And here is Merkel praising the effectiveness of the United States’ intelligence apparatus:

The institutions of the United States of American have provided us and still continue to provide us with a…

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