Why Mobile Video Advertising Is Set To Explode


Editor’s note: Yoni Argaman is the vice president of marketing and business strategy at Inneractive

Mobilevideo has been growing steadily for years but it is now close to justifying the hype that it generated throughout the years. Mobilevideo ad spend in the U.S. more than doubled from 2013 ($720 million) to 2014 ($1.5 billion) and will reach $6 billion in 2018, representing about half of the total online video ad spend.

The growth in mobile devices, broadband coverage and 4G services, device screen size and video consumption on mobile devices are the first obvious drivers. Other, less obvious drivers relate to the way users consume video on mobile. More and more of users’ time on mobile is spent in applications (86 percent of users’ time in mobile in 2014).

Since in-app video inventory is usually more engaging and can be coupled with more data, it is…

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