Side note # 1

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Vietnam, the Viet Cong, were top guerrilla fighters, so when the US needed a sniper, they called in David Corso, and we were his outryders, making sure Viet Cong snipers didn’t kill him.

Our success rate was phenomenal, because we used technology I created, 1. I created a technology called Chameleon- what it did is allowed the wearer to become another person, thus we confused the enemy, by them not knowing who the real David Corso was.

David Corso is and was an excellent sniper and soldier, he did do many sniper kills, but he did more than one man could; no one could figure how he did the many kills he did.

It’s quite simple, he didn’t; we had four outriders with him, at all times, but at certain times, one of two of us would go on a different hunt, and do a Maximum Kill, and it would be recorded as a David Corso kill.

The Chameleon technology worked wonderfully; David got all the glory, and we accomplished our kills, which added to his reputation, as the best sniper in Vietnam, which he was, independent of our kills.

David Corso is a true American Hero, and he deserves. the accolade he was and is given.

We, as outryders, were simply doing our jobs, and helping in the war effort, and leaving all the credit to David Corso.

Our kill rate was rather spectacular; and our…..nothing, we did everything on our own, as scouts and licensed to kill, the enemy, by any way we saw fit. We did our job.

Most of our kills were military targets, though, some politicians and top management of the Cong, were taken out, but only, if they were truly, dangerous to American troops.

I didn’t mention one other technology I created, for my mates, the other 3 outryders, invisibility, no one could see us; they were like sitting ducks, though we began to turn off the invisibility technology, to give them a chance, and we would take them out one to one.

We would then leave, as the Cong, we’re raising alarms, at our presence, we usually did a fire destruction, to hide our getaway.

We were the best team in Vietnam, at killing our Targets, and most time we were David Corso, protectors; we were so good at it, that snipers would let us pass, for they knew if they showed themselves they would die.

Those who did, instantly died, for we had other technology that let us know the presence of any warm blooded being/person in our area, and it had length and height, that could allow us to know where any sniper was.

This technology let us know where tunnels were, and if, there was Cong inside them, moving or resting, we would then, find an opening and drop grenades, to shock them, then would call a Stomper, which we carried on our person, which stomped on the ground over the tunnel, causing the ceiling to fall in on the Cong.

We began to call ourselves Ranger Scouts, and we didn’t like hanging with the regular Joes, and kept to ourselves, but we were always on call, to protect the Joes, against hidden attacks in our area of coverage.

We did so well, the American Command, we’re afraid we would go rogue, and so they issued orders, for Joes to kill us.

We knew this, from listening to Joes, when they didn’t know we were around. We went to the HQ of the American Joes, and slipped in, and got the drop on the general and his staff. We told him, to drop the orders, and this proved we were no harm to Joes, but deadly to Cong.

The general issued the orders, but we didn’t go into camps, after that, but we did our jobs, kills and outryders, for David Corso, who knew we were there, but hardly ever saw us.

We were there, when the helicopter came in and the kids got off, we put on psi protectors to save us from the kill mental beam, but we covered the kids, while they held hands and built their kill beam. We then went to ground and covered ourselves with leaves, and the mental kill beam, passed over us, only seeing vegetation on the floor of the jungle.

We followed David Corso, and his men, until they reached safety, then showed ourselves briefly, waves, and we were gone.

The Ranger Scouts would have been building a reputation, but we put everything on our party leader, David Corso, for these were his adventures, or war journeys. We were there to protect him, and his orders; we made sure, he always came back.

The Cong feared him, knowing that one American Sniper, was deadlier than the rest, and they, went out of their way to try to find and kill him, but when you have five David Corso, it’s difficult to know, which is the real one, and by then, you were dead, as the Ranger Scouts, knew your positions, and took you out.

David Corso is a real American Hero, and he needs to be recognize as such, for his valor, and his work saved many American Joes.

He now, or at least he did, have his own radio show, Wolf Spirit Radio, where he brings special guests on to introduce them to his audiences.

David Corso, American Hero!

May the Microcosmic Force be with David Corso, always!