How scientists are fighting antibiotic resistance


Since antibiotics were first developed at the start of the twentieth century, they have saved millions of lives (penicillin alone is estimated to have saved 200 million lives and counting), rendering a large number of deadly infections mere annoyances as people work their way through the prescribed dosages.

Or don’t. There are many reasons cited for the rise in antibiotic resistance, the most common being their misuse (i.e. not finishing a dose, taking it preventively, attempting to treat viral instead of bacterial illnesses, etc.). And then there’s lack of investment from big drug companies (there’s less money in meds that must be taken for 10 days instead of months or years), careless disposal (i.e. dumping in rivers), and giving to livestock (to fatten animals, not just treat illnesses). Many experts agree that these have all worked together to create the perfect storm for antibiotic resistance.

Governments and agencies alike, including the World…

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