New Federal Regulation Deters Experts On Road To Security


Editor’s note: Chris Wysopal is the co-founder and CTO of Veracode.

Security experts were abuzz last month in anticipation of President Barack Obama’s proposal for new federal regulations that would concentrate on bolstering the nation’s stance on cybersecurity. Last year was witness to a number of high-profile breaches, which shone a light on the possibility of nation-state-backed cyberattacks and espionage and even drove the federal government to introduce an executive order that establishes shared threat intelligence between Washington and the private sector.

[tc_writerquote align=”left”]Researchers will be hard-pressed to walk the line of legality as they venture into security research.[/tc_writerquote]

The size and consistency of these attacks brought security to the national forefront and made clear the need to amend laws and regulations that dealt with cybersecurity. Most recently, the president went further and proposed a $14 billion budget exclusively for the matter.

But despite President Obama’s well-intentioned efforts…

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