Are Drones A Fad Or Here For Good?


Editor’s note: Philip McNamara is the managing director for outsourcing firm Voxpro, a venture partner with Enterprise Equity and creator of the Drones and Data X Conference in Santa Cruz.

Drones are no longer just seen as a tool of the military or a toy that people use to fly around. They’re becoming accepted as a tool that businesses can deploy, and every day more and more companies are being created to build drone prototypes and software to help them fly, detect obstacles and make sense of terabytes of data they collect. This is the golden age of drones, and it is just taking off.

Take consumer perception — “drone” is a household word. Just look at the Google Trends for the word “drones” or “DJI.” Check out the number of drone videos on YouTube (~827,000). According to Frost and Sullivan, an aerospace research firm, over 200,000 drones were sold each month in 2014. Parrot, a french drone maker, reported sales of over $47 million in drones in 2013.

Whether we…

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