Venture’s Angels


Editor’s note: Sarah Kunst is a venture partner at Future Perfect Ventures and a contributing editor at Marie Claire magazine.

Gender diversity statistics in technology are depressingly, familiarly terrible. Top tech companies have an average of ~70 percent male workforce, with board and c-suite diversity in the single digits. Venture-capital funding is similarly grim with only 6 percent of funds employingfemale funders, down from 10 percent in 1999. One marked shift from the last dot-com boom, however, is the rise of the angelinvestor.

Angelinvestors ponied up $23 billion across 67K deals last year while venture investors doled out $27 billion over 3,700, according to a recent Forbes article. Their demographics aren’t as disruptive as their investments, however, with the ranks being 82 percent male.

But change is on the horizon; only a decade ago women made up less than 10 percent of angelinvestors

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