Here’s The Text Of The FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules


The FCC followed through on its promise to release a massive document laying out its new rules for net neutrality. The order comes two weeks after the board voted to classify broadband Internet as a utility.

The FCC confirmed with TechCrunch last night that the order would be released today. The hundreds of pages in the report lay out a detailed plan for how net neutrality will be enforced. A quick read of the document indicates that it hews to what the FCC originally outlined in a summary that was publicly released before the commission voted on the rules.

Here’s the text:

Today’s release also brings us closer to potential legal challenges. As FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said earlier this year, “The big dogs [ISPs] have promised that they’re going to litigate.” The framework for those challenges will likely be drawn from the dissenting opinions of the Republican members of the…

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