# 2 Roswell Past-Present-Future

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

I have written this before, on another blog, but I haven’t done it on this one, so the Corestars, communities are Iconic symbols, of the real, the fantasy, etc..

The Corestars are focused on stories, and they’re telepathic connected, so that each community of Corestars, can produce an iconic symbol, to represent how the communities see the viability of the story.

Stories are written or visually imprinted on each Corestar’s memory, then they come together, to feel and enjoy the entire story.

They have the ability to see visuals, movies, TV, radio, perceptorial experiences, of those buses, they ride on, to be able to explore their locations. The buses are us.

If you go to Roswell, to see the crash sites, you’re bringing Corestars, with you, and they enjoy returning to Origin, and have a blast with all the stories, and explorations, they do while there.

Corestars are everywhere, on the planet, and though, they have tried to get into the Earth, to be able to have a control panel, to effect the movements of the planet, if needed, by themselves, or their bus humans.

UFO Abductees, have what is called Freshies, which are a different kind of nano/micro/supernano bots, which are imprinters, of the Great Library, and every human on the planet, is a carrier, of some portion of the Great Library.

Corestars consider it an honor, to be able to say they’re imprinting the knowledge of the Universe, and humans are the chosen vehicles, to carry the fullness of the Great Library.

Corestars are able to pull up any informational request of Rowdies Rangers, and planetary races, who want to learn, from the Great Library.

2. I’ve been looking into the Black Ops programs, run on the chosen few, who would become assassins, rebels, truthseekers, planetary disinformation experts, leading to the fall of all the governments on the planet. They’re survivalists, and don’t simply live in the way to survive on the planetary environment, but actually create environments friendly to their health needs. They survive, by creating environments, rather than living off the planet’s environments; if you’re unskilled, you have a high propensity of dying.

3. Black Ops operators, did and do not only work on this planet, but go to many others to practice, and to cause sabotage acts, leading to down falls of governments on that planet. They, also, do assassinations, and group killings, where they destroy the environment, causing instant death to those beings who live on the planet, as their natural birth right, they go into instantaneous death.

4. David Corso, code name was Panther Dragon.

5. My code name is/was Strike/Ghost Lightning Dragon- I was the favorite operator, of the ETs, and I did what they wanted for a short time, but then took over my own planetary falls, and became extremely rich, but I still did work for them on the side.

6. The reason for that is simple, sex, music, birth on the Motherships, of humans, and of non-humans, and the building of the counter resistance to the ETs and their genetic experiments, reproduction practices, and general scientific lifestyle, which created all kinds of exotic weapon;, they would then have us try out, on a variety of planets, or communities, these new weapons.

7. I allowed them to kidnap me, going to the Motherships, then I would stay for a short time, allowing them to do their medical scans, and some tests, but then I would implant in their minds I was still there, and went out and built a music career, which made me millions, then billions, as I started my own company.

8. I always came back though, for the sex, and the way they had us as birth fertilizing movement receptors; allowing the other not so nice operations, they did to us, as simply a cost of being with humans and other races, and starting necessary operations on the Motherships. One of which was- Extended Family Networks, where women were devastated by being screwed by any number of men, and then, they screwed any number of women, and men, so we, as a network, decided, anyone you had sex with, active or passive, would be your husband or wife. This was also true of children, who were made able to have sex and orgasms.

9. The ETs were very clear, that sex between close relatives, was not allowed, for they wanted healthy, intelligent offspring. Some of the ETs, who were compatible with humanity, had men and women have sex with them, for the building and expansion of the Nordics.

10. We developed deeper into the military operation, started by Alexander, building upon the Socrates method, of learning and sharing everything humans saw and learned.

11. We didn’t always stay upon the ships, but went to nearby planets, to do things, for the planetary races, usually naked, for the ETs kept us naked, so we wouldn’t run away. On motherships we were kept naked, so we knew our place among our Processors. There was always a reason for humans to be taken to these planets, especially children, so they would be implanted, on how nice the ETs were, to take them to such beautiful places, then when they got back to the ships, they were put into the sex areas, and had sex with men, women and other children, and from these operations, a multitude of new babies would be born.

The babies, were usually kept in the host, for two to four weeks, then removed, then the birth suit, made up of material that sinks into the skin, but leaves enough above the skin, to be able to allow fertilization of the eggs, within thousands of pockets, then the pocket would close down, and become a stable of liquids to keep the baby safe, and at the same time, they would tell both men and women, when they were carrying babies in these pockets, which were expandable, as the fetus grew, till they took it out, and put it into tubes of liquid, chemicals, which would keep the baby safe, until, its birth, out of the tube.

During this time, the mothers and fathers of all the babies, were encouraged to talk to the babies, in the tubes, so they would know they were loved, and well taken care of.

At the same time, this was going on, there would be a baby, or babies, placed in a woman or a man, and they would carry them naturally, till they were taken out and placed in tubes, like the others.

They were usually ready to come out of the tubes, or from the mother or father, within eight to nine weeks, but they were never forced to come out before they were ready.

They were then taken by the Nordics, and raised in baby tubes, like the ones we were placed in, when we first come aboard, and as they do their testing, so we won’t spoil their work. They can keep us like this, for as long as they want. The tubes are like caskets, and there are hundreds, even thousands, of them, within the motherships.

This gives you a brief rundown, of what humans experience on Motherships, where they are abducted to, for ET usage, and no concern, for their mental and physical health, but they’re taken through what we’re told is decontamination, but in reality, its a energizer, that allows women to produce many eggs, that are then taken from her bodymind. The ETs, then put the birth incubators on each of us, we’re, then, allowed to have sex. We come inside the person, or outside on the whole bodymind, where the incubator hold female eggs. Both men and women are birth incubators.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!