#3 Side Notes

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

This is an update of my remembering happenings, while interacting with ETs, and Black Ops Programs Alpha.

In the Black Ops my codename was Ghost Lightning Dragon, but my ET black ops condenodualname was and is ” Catseye “.

I remembered something else to, that I own and run sporting events all over the Universe, and this upsets the Constellation, for our sporting events, paramutal betting, bridge bets, and so on, rakes in billions of dollars yearly.

We publish our own sports newsletters, racing newsletters, Niche magazines, and we run betting bookies all over the Universe.

Catseye brings terror to those who want to cut in on this sporting empire, for some have tried, and their ending, is not seen on the social pages of our computer empire.

We have film studios, computer games, and much more, all run under the auspices of MadDragon.

We own businesses all over the Universe, and we keep rifraff, out of the sports, much to their anger, but they don’t mess with Catseye, and the security forces of MadDragon, which are better armed, than planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

We like anything that sizzles, such as fashions, video, planetary buzzers, solar ships, galaxycruisers, and most of all the Stars Needle Personal Ships, which allow private travel all over the galaxy/Universe.

We’re also in the nude sex world, and have private and public videos, etc., for sale, as well as magazines, and more.

We have banks across the Universe, and whole governments come to us, to borrow short term loans to carry them over till their monies come in.

We build whole biohabitats, environmentally friendly, and adaptable, where it helps the environment survive any form of attack. The Enviros work this area of our business, and they’re very good at it.

Extended Family Networks, on board the Motherships, are seen as a blessing, and we help them in any way we can, much to the Constellation’s annoyance.

There’s much more, but that’s for a later date.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!