Stripe’s New Product Helps Marketplaces Go Global More Quickly


Payments company Stripe is today unveiling a new product designed to help marketplaces like Lyft or Kickstarter scale internationally, by offering a suite of tools that allow businesses like these to accept payments from anywhere in the world, and then ensure sellers and service providers get paid. Called Stripe Connect, the product will help speed up the time it takes a marketplace to expand in a new region, making it possible to sign up new sellers in a matter of minutes, Stripe claims.

The new product is not to be confused with “Connect,” Stripe’s first product for store builders. Instead, Stripe Connect is focused on addressing the needs of online marketplaces – something Stripe says came about thanks to its experiences working with thousands of these sorts of companies, which has helped it to understand the challenges they face.

Current Stripe customers include a number of related businesses, and, at launch, the…

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