A Look Inside Transcriptic’s New Biotech Testing Facility


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Transcriptic, the cloud-based biotech lab that tests for experimental drugs automation and robotics, has become a key platform for many biotech companies in Silicon Valley.

The platform has been particularly useful for many of the biotech companies now coming out of Y Combinator. These startups don’t have the deep pockets of big pharma and need a low-cost solution that produces rapid results. Transcriptic has offered a $20,000 credit to Notable Labs, AtomWise and other YC-backed startups to help spark the drug discovery market within the valley.


It takes an average of 12 years and billions of dollars to get a new drug on the market. According to Transcriptic, its services enable scientists to work remotely with a wide swath of data and automated equipment that can produce low-cost results in days. While there’s a lot more to getting a drug on the market, this could greatly reduce the time and cost involved in getting life-saving…

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