Google Blasts Media Implications That It Runs That Town


Google, a search company, fired back today at a string of reports published in the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks that have brought the company and its business practices under scrutiny.

The collection of pieces implied that Google has decision-tilting influence in the federal government, and that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) all but went against its own internal views of Google’s alleged anticompetitive behavior by not deciding to pursue legal action against the search company several years ago.

The FTC responded previously. Today Google followed suit.

One of Google's employed moving-picture-images One of Google’s employed moving-picture-images

The now-dated case against Google came back to the forefront of technology news when the government accidentally leaked — by its own admission — part of an internal document this month arguing that the company had “unlawfully maintained its monopoly over general search” through several tactics. When the final decision in the proceeding was reached and announced in January…

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