Reach Your Customers Through The Subconscious


Editor’s note: Liraz Margalit serves as customer experience psychologist for ClickTale, which helps businesses optimize visitor interactions with their websites. 

Consider a scene that happens a billion times a day, at a billion computers across the globe. A man is searching online for new running shoes, or a woman is clicking through e-commerce sites on the hunt for a birthday gift, a new dress or a book to read on her next vacation.

Shoppers navigating the online marketplace think they are in control of their decisions. But the truth is, as they scroll and browse and perhaps buy, there are dozens of unconscious processes and cues directing their behavior.

For businesses with online marketplaces, understanding how these unconscious cues affect consumers is crucial.

The most researched indication of this automatic process is the priming effect, which says that the exposure to one stimulus influences the way we respond to another stimulus. We know that our mental paradigms –  how we categorize things around us – like to lump similar themes and thoughts together…

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