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UPDATE ON Trauma Based Mind Control

By Fritz Springmeier

Years ago (1995) I sat on the floor of my living room with about 120 files on t.b.m.c. programming tactics and brainstormed how I could make it understandable. I came up with 12 mind control sciences, which include trauma, drugs, deception, hypnosis and 8 other sciences. This update will use those 12 sciences as a way to organize some more material which I offer in this post. The purpose of this post is to provide information that was not written up in my 3 books on the mind control. I have written several articles this year to provide new info on the t.b.m.c. programming, for instance, I wrote on the Theta programming, a type of programming that not all t.b.m.c. slaves receive.

TRAUMA. The victim’s mind has developed the habit of splitting (dissociating) when torture (pain), stress or the programmer’s conditioning is present. It will do…

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The Tiny Italian Town Killing the U.S. Navy’s Surveillance Plans

“There are many things about Italy that are not so well known. The Vatican has the second best observatory tour in the world, just for priests who like watching the stars you see (sarcasm). One of the islands off the coast of Rome has an entrance to middle earth, and a tunnel system that runs from Malta to the underground levels of the Vatican and, I’m guessing, connects to Sicily which has huge crystal caves beneath it; some of the crystals are over two meters tall.
Greece, whose philosophers were worth millions per person sent these guys to live in Sicily!? Marconis first lab was set up there for only one year, at a big cost. Where it was had some strange events a few years ago. Check out the strange happenings in Carrini. There’s a lot of hidden stuff there.”
The fence of the American military base NRTF-8 (Naval Radio Facility Transmitter) of Niscemi within which it's under construction the MUOS station, composed of three large satellite dishes with a diameter of 18.4 meters. The base covers an area of ??2,509 meter squares and inside are already active, since 1991, 41 antennas of about 140 meter high the purpose of which is the transmission with military submarines.
The Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) is a satellite communication system at very high frequency and narrowband composed of four satellites and four ground stations, one of which is under construction in Niscemi (Sicily). Ignored so far from the rest of Italy but denounced by protest movements and population, the site, whose danger for the population and health risks are scary, triggered movements including the activists "Mothers No Muos", in the first line in the blocks against the Americans transport vehicles and ready to do anything to defend the future of their children.
The Muos program, run by the Department of Defense of the United States, will integrate naval forces, air and ground moving anywhere in the world. It will include four systems stations on the ground, three of which were born in semi-desert areas (Western Australia, Southeast Virginia and in Hawaii) unlike with the site Niscemi instead located in an area with a high population density.
The site of Niscemi, however, is the most strategic of the four and the White House does not want to give it up. In fact it will switch traffic on the Middle East and Africa and will allow the military to communicate in disadvantaged environments, such as wooded areas where higher frequency signals would be unacceptably mitigated by the forest canopy.
The installation in Niscemi, strategic for its proximity to the U.S. base of Sigonella, has been the subject of protests by the population and local representatives including the Mayor of Niscemi Francesco La Rosa. The damage to health and the environment

Alessio Mamo/Redux



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The Value of Karate, Resonates, Far Beyond the Dojo

Dragonstrike-Black Ops

(c) Terry Johnson, 2015

Karate is a self-defense, where the attacker’s own power is used against him or her. Karate is for- both men and women, as well as, for children.

Why is this so? Because Karate is a philosophical journey, as well as, a journey of learning how to defect your opponent’s power against them.

What does this mean? Karate is both a self-defense, and a cultural proponent of a way of life, which benefits all.

Those who win over those who would defeat them, or challenge them, utilize methods, of self-creativity, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and more.

The person, looks to the why behind the moves he/she makes, practices moves, and beliefs, through creative visualization, talk to the inner self, through their dreams, and picture what they want, before creating the physical moves to go along with their picturing, within their minds. Picturing was given a big boost, when…

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The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta


The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta

April 20th, 2015Mount Shasta is known as one of the most sacred places on Earth and is called by many people the magical mountain. Mount Shasta is located in the Cascade Range in northern California. The incredible Mount Shasta rises around the picturesque mountains in the Siskiyou County at an altitude of over 4322 meters above sea level. It is also one of the largest dormant volcanoes. It is a legendary and mystical place, since known history. Locals believe that this mountains is truly magical and that there are many mysteries something that has baffled and delighted, not only the local Native American population, but also thousands of people who have visited this magic wonder of nature. Native Peoples have always considered this mountain as a sacred place and in recent decades, it has been connected to a mystical power that emanates peace and harmony. Some believe that Mount Shasta is…

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April 28, 2015

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states in a new report today that they were “horrified” over the use by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) of a powerful mass-psychology weapon against unsuspecting American citizens yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland, which caused these people, who were mostly school children, to erupt in a crazed frenzy of rioting, burning and looting.

According to this report, the SVR was first alerted Sunday morning by signal intelligence analysts operating from the Federations Embassy in Washington D.C. that the NSA was in the process of completing their “final preparations” for a “mass event” believed to be scheduled for Monday, 27 April, in or around Baltimore.

Raising the concerns of the SVR even more of what the NSA was planning, this report continues, were the presence of US Special Forces “provocateurs” within the crowds of Baltimore protectors Saturday evening agitating them towards violence.

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black triangle UFO

Corey (aka GoodETxSG) recently has emerged as a new source of information on multiple secret space programs and breakaway civilizations from Earth. In an earlier article I summarized his public testimony revealed through two internet forums and public presentations by David Wilcock on the nature of these covert programs. In a later article released on April 7, I presented Corey’s responses to a series of questions I emailed him. His answers revealed a remarkable degree of complexity in terms of the number of participants, programs and extraterrestrial alliances related to five secret space programs run by various military, government and corporate entities from our contemporary time period alone.

I sent Corey a further list of questions on April 12 to clarify more aspects of complex dynamics he has outlined in his email responses to me, and questions he is responding to an internet forum called “The One Truth.” Corey…

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