The Value of Karate, Resonates, Far Beyond the Dojo

Dragonstrike-Black Ops

(c) Terry Johnson, 2015

Karate is a self-defense, where the attacker’s own power is used against him or her. Karate is for- both men and women, as well as, for children.

Why is this so? Because Karate is a philosophical journey, as well as, a journey of learning how to defect your opponent’s power against them.

What does this mean? Karate is both a self-defense, and a cultural proponent of a way of life, which benefits all.

Those who win over those who would defeat them, or challenge them, utilize methods, of self-creativity, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and more.

The person, looks to the why behind the moves he/she makes, practices moves, and beliefs, through creative visualization, talk to the inner self, through their dreams, and picture what they want, before creating the physical moves to go along with their picturing, within their minds. Picturing was given a big boost, when…

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