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Jade Helm is actually little-known quantum software “Jade2” at the helm….. in incredibly powerful, self-directed artificial intelligence program run by Cern that can command and EXECUTE military moves, including drones and a means of instant death for those outside its predetermined norms….also explains why so many top brass commanders were let go recently.

Jade Two is a self-reactive, self-adapted, self-modelling program for predictive force deployment. In other words it can predict conflicts before they occur and react in a preemptive manner. It thinks in the present, but it can predict future events or human activity.

And these conflicts are not confined to a warfare scenario either… the predict and preempt capabilities can also be applied to scenarios of social unrest. And that’s not just my opinion, that’s stated right in the reports and the papers.

It can make high level trade determinations, it makes decisions regarding casualties and targets…

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Corey Goode today released a report about an inspection tour he claims was held on Mars on June 20 that he attended along with others from a Secret Space Program Alliance. He describes how he was first picked up from his home by a blue/indigo sphere that belongs to a group of advanced extraterrestrial visitors called the “Sphere Being Alliance”, which have appointed him to be their delegate at all meetings involving Earth’s secret space programs. The sphere took Goode to a secret base on the moon called Lunar Operations Command where he met with a Lt Colonel Gonzales, the delegate representing a Secret Space Program Alliance wanting to fully disclose to the world the truth about extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies.

Goode describes how he and Gonzales were each assigned a security team of two Intuitive Empath (IE) assistants (a…

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Benjamin Fulford – June 22nd 2015: Bush, Rothschild Prosecutions, New Disclosures, Greece, All Signs of Accelerating Cabal Take Down

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– Justin

Source – Benjamin Fulford

There are rapidly accelerating indications the Khazarian crime syndicate that illegally seized power in the United States and many European countries is being systematically dismantled. A New York appeals court, for example, has ruled that officials who served during the George Bush Jr. regime can be sued and can face criminal charges. That opens the way for the mass jailing of the perpetrators of the 911 mass murder incident.

Related The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Another sign is that a French judge has ordered one of the most senior members of theRothschild family, Baron David de Rothschild, to be questioned by police on fraud charges.

Also, the killing of J.P Morgan (Bush) bankers has reached a new height with the “sudden death” of their Vice Chairman and high powered deal maker Jimmy Lee. More…

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There is quite a large number of programs and subprograms that fall under the “MILAB” (Military Abduction) umbrella (Not just the commonly known “Super Soldier” programs). These individuals are identified either through family lineage (Genetics) or through standardized testing in Elementary Schools. Usually people have memories of being taken into Military and ET Facilities between the ages of 6 and 8 years of age (Sometimes as early as 4 years old). Some are a part of a familial genetic program while others are usually “Star Seeds” that meet certain criteria’s. The training is designed to condition the children and also identify their personality types as well as any undeveloped gifts they may possess (Esoteric abilities that can be enhanced). Over time as the children grow up they are split off into further subgroups to focus on developing their gifts and pushing their boundaries based on their personalities and ethics. Many…

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June Conferences Q and A article

Secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode (aka GoodETxSG) claims he has just completed three diplomatic conferences with representatives of different secret space programs, human looking extraterrestrial visitors and global elites. The purpose of the conferences held from June 5-7 were to find how each of these groups would respectively respond to the disclosures soon to occur where humanity learns about the existence of extraterrestrial life and secret space programs; and where a new global financial system replaces the current exploitative one that leads to ‘financial slavery’ for many. In Corey’s responses to questions about the three conferences (see below), he explains each in terms of where they took place, who was attending, the way each conference was organized, its agenda, outcome, and what his own role was in attending these conferences.

Corey has already given a report…

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Moon and Milititary Space ProgramIn this second part of a set of April 14 Q & A email responses, Secret Space Program whistleblower, “Corey” Goode (aka GoodETxSG), reveals more information about secret bases on the Moon and classified military space programs.

Corey describes the Moon as a neutral space used by various secret space programs and extraterrestrial civilizations that have established “Embassy Zones.” He describes the Moon as very similar to Antarctica that is used by multiple nations that abide by international treaties for its peaceful use even though some nations may be enemies. Significantly, Corey’s description of the moon as a diplomatic zone used by multiple space programs and extraterrestrial races matches another secret space program whistleblower, Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye), who had revealed what was happening on the Moon in an April 2014 interview:

It’s kind of like…

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Mars Corporate bases and Nazis

Secret Space Program whistleblower, “Corey” Goode (aka GoodETxSG), has revealed astounding details involving classified activities on Mars and the Moon. Most disturbing are his revelations about the influence of a secret NAZI breakaway civilization that successfully infiltrated the US national security system. His responses go into great detail of how secret space program activities in the US and globally, have been co-opted by unscrupulous forces and institutions that are denying humanity the benefits of the technological secrets acquired over the last century.

Corey released his latest information in response to a set of email questions sent to him on May 14. In previous Q & A email sessions, public forums and his website, Cory has released details of an alliance of five extraterrestrial races called the Sphere Alliance, three of whom he has had direct physical contact with at…

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New WikiLeaks Docs Claim NSA Monitored Communications Of French Presidents


It turns out Angela Merkel wasn’t the only state figure from an American ally whose phone calls were being monitored by the NSA. Today, WikiLeaks dropped another bombshell collection of secret government documents, “Espionnage Élysée,” detailing the extent to which the NSA has spied on French officials over the past several administrations.

The files detail the French government officials that were targets of espionage, which include French Presidents Francois Hollande (2012–present), Nicolas Sarkozy (2007–2012), and Jacques Chirac (1995–2007). The files also list partial phone numbers and additional identifying information for several other French officials. Notable with this leak is WikiLeaks’ claim that the documents also include “intelligence summaries” of the monitored conversations.

A major scandal broke out in Germany in October of 2013 when it was revealed that the NSA had been monitoring European leaders from a spying hub in the United States German Embassy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was so…

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CropX Rakes In $9 Million To Help Farmers Grow More With Less Water


As water levels in California drop to an all-time low, agriculture analytics startup CropX has developed a solution to help farmers optimize irrigation while keeping water usage to a minimum.

CropX uses a combination of three wireless sensors and a mobile app, which founder Isaac Bentwich calls the “Internet of Soil,” to determine exactly how much water needs to be applied to each part of the field.

“At the moment, there’s a huge, glaring omission within the whole of agriculture — virtually all agriculture systems irrigate land uniformly. Even the most advanced technology always treats land as though it was uniform,” says Bentwich.

It’s not — in a square-mile field, soil quality can vary widely, Bentwich explains. To solve this problem, CropX does a one-time analysis of each field, using publicly available data about the soil type and topography, and divides the land into irrigation zones.

CropX ships farmers three sensors, and the mobile app shows precisely where in the…

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Alibaba Rethinks Its US E-Commerce Strategy, Folds 11 Main, Other U.S. Holdings Into OpenSky


China’s e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba has been clear about its ambitions to grow its presence in the U.S. — in part as a facilitator between Western companies and Chinese consumers by way of services like Alipay, and in part as a way to expand its own marketplace footprint. But it is also going through some growing pains as it figures out how to carve out a place for itself in the mature U.S. market.

TechCrunch has learned, and confirmed, that Alibaba is calling it a day on operating 11 Main, its U.S.-based Amazon competitor, as a standalone operation.

Alibaba has struck a deal with New York-based OpenSky, a social shopping marketplace, in which 11 Main’s operations will be folded into OpenSky, along with Auctiva, Vendio, and SingleFeed — three other U.S. companies that Alibaba acquired between 2010 and 2011 that provide logistics and fulfilment services for 11 Main. As a result of the transaction…

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Turning Water Problems Into Business Opportunities


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California Governor Jerry Brown recently imposed mandatory water restrictions to combat severe drought that “demands unprecedented action.” Many investors have grown familiar with the global trends changing in the way water is supplied, transported, treated and used. Those mega-trends, however, have not translated into much action from the venture community.

The current drought in California has renewed focus on the Silicon Valley’s role in providing new solutions. The good news is that the commercial market for water solutions is bigger than you might think, and that venture-stage companies in water perform better than many investors and entrepreneurs realize.

Where Is The Silicon Valley For Water?

Just a few hours drive from Sand Hill Road, California’s major agricultural production areas require heavy water use to sustain production. Water wells serving hundreds of families in the Central Valley have run dry, leaving people without water flowing from their taps.


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YC-Backed Smyte Launches To Fight Online Fraud


As we spend more and more of our lives on social networks and marketplaces, YC-backed Smyte is launching out of beta to make sure we don’t get defrauded, spammed, or harassed.

While the Googles and Facebooks of the tech world have entire departments dedicated to preventing spam and abuse, building this infrastructure is a major pain point for smaller companies.

“To solve this problem, a lot of companies will take one engineer and stick them on it for a week, and they’ll have all these problems because you really need a specialist who’s done this before,” says Julian Tempelsman, co-founder of Smyte.

Tempelsman previously worked for Google, where he fought financial fraud for Google Wallet, spam and phishing for Gmail, and general Google Apps abuse. “I was pretty much seeing the worst of the worst of how shitty people can really be online,” Tempelsman says.

So he joined forces with…

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NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software In Order To Track Users


The NSA and its British counterpart the GCHQ have put extensive effort into hacking popular security software products to “track users and infiltrate networks,” according to the latest round of Snowden docs unearthed today by The Intercept.

Cybersecurity companies, including the Moscow-headquartered Kaspersky Lab, were targeted by government agencies to gain intelligence of the latest exploits. Details of the security software’s inner workings were deciphered by agencies through a process called software reverse engineering (SRE), which allowed them to analyze and exploit the software suites.

A top-secret warrant renewal request issued by the GCHQ details the motivations behind infiltrating the products of such anti-virus companies.

“Personal security products such as the Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky continue to pose a challenge to GCHQ’s CNE [Computer Network Exploitation] capability,” the warrant stated, “and SRE is essential in order to be able to exploit such software and to prevent detection of our…

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Post-Quantum Encryption No Longer A Laughing Matter


In these post-Snowden times a lot has changed. Big picture stuff, like politicians legislating to curtail intelligence agency capabilities (or not). And smaller stuff. Like a ‘post-quantum’ encryption startup no longer being laughed out of meetings when they pitch their business.

While U.K.-based PQ Solutions is technically a startup the team has actually been plugging away on their post-quantum encryption and data access software for some six years. The underlying encryption algorithms they’re using date back even further, to the 1970s — aka the (established but not widely used) McEliese cryptosystem.

What’s changed now is the climate around data security, says PQ CEO and co-founder Andersen Cheng. So the notion of selling encryption that’s intended to be futureproofed against cracking by quantum computers now, before anyone has built a quantum computer, doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

“We have been laughed at by all the VCs,” says Cheng. “People were still laughing at us up to 12 months ago. People…

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Forget China, There’s An E-Commerce Gold Rush In Southeast Asia


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There’s a myopia blinding e-commerce players to the reality of opportunities in Southeast Asia. Everyone is looking at Asian economies from under the shadow China casts on the economic landscape, which can’t help but obscure the picture.

China is one of the most developed markets in e-commerce today and with mobile commerce via WeChat, the dominance of Alipay and the entrenched online shopping behavior it is arguably more developed than Western markets.

However, businesses are, in fact, wasting their time and resources expanding into China and Southeast Asia will be the next gold rush. Here’s why:

It’s Too Late For China

  • The Chinese b2c e-commerce market is saturated. Only the deepest pocketed players have a chance

In the Chinese e-commerce race the market giants have taken too large a lead for too long in China.

With Alibaba’s Tmall and JD dominating the business-to-consumer (B2C) space (51…

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Q&A: Why The Most Famously Libertarian VC Firm Is Diving Deep Into Education And Health


brian-singermanWhile my curlicued co-worker Josh Constine continues to cover the Meerkats and Free apps of the world, there’s a fascinating counter-trend of serial entrepreneurs, who have been successful in the consumer web, going into extraordinarily difficult and highly-regulated areas like health insurance, education and elder care.

As Fortune’s Dan Primack wrote the other month — there are two Silicon Valleys that exist. Or co-exist:

Silicon Valley is teeming with ill-mannered tech bros whose childhood participation trophies have led them to boast about how their mediocre startups will change the world. It’s insufferable. Silicon Valley is also full of sincere geniuses who wake up every day to work hard on solving serious problems that could indeed change the world. It’s inspiring.

One could argue that Founders Fund, the firm started by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, is focusing on the latter. The firm recently led two $100+ million rounds in Altschooland Oscar.

Altschool, founded…

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Imint’s Vidhance Algorithms Could Soon Replace Live Video Producers


A few months back, we looked at Iminit‘s video stabilization technology; now the Swedish video technology wizards are back with another demo of what its final product will be able to do with basic smartphone video. Instead of just stabilizing the video, Imint’s defense-developed auto-zoom algorithms can now also automatically track and zoom in on the most interesting parts of the video.

Just like all of Imint’s technology, auto-zoom is the result of the company’s work on defense technology. When you are using a drone, after all, you want to be able to easily track that truck of insurgents (and maybe even fire a missile at them — at which point you put in a little prayer for them to be insurgents and not just a rowdy family on a weekend trip). The technology is also used in search-and-rescue operations, though, and during basic surveillance missions.

As Imint CEO

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Haha, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade Path For Pirates Is Confusing As Shit


If you didn’t keep your ear to the page this weekend, especially regarding the news that relates to how Microsoft will allow — or not! — folks that pirated previous versions of Windows to get, or not, Windows 10, I am here to help.

However, you can’t stop poetry in motion, and you also can’t write a better story than reality, so to save time, here’s ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley from earlier today:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.50.28 PM

See that bottom line? Here is a small tip: If Mary Jo doesn’t get it, no one gets it. As far as the reporter class goes, Foley is akin to Nostradamus on the Microsoft beat. So, if she is still twisted, things make as much sense as that scene from Jurassic World when Muscley Dude rode his motorcycle through the woods with the raptors.

Anyhoo, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that people who pirated Windows won’t get…

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Ellen Pao Officially Found Liable For Roughly $276,000 In Court Fees From Kleiner Perkins


Ellen Pao not only lost on all counts of a high-profile sexual discrimination case earlier this year, but Judge Harold Kahn has officially ordered the interim Reddit CEO to pay more than a quarter of a million dollars in court costs to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers this morning.

The ruling was consistent with a tentative order from Judge Kahn last night. Both parties met at the San Francisco Superior Court to hash out the details this morning.

This is a reduced amount from the $973,000 in court fees KPCB sought from Pao. A majority of those fees, $864,680, went toward expert witnesses. However, Pao and her lawyers filed court documents in May to dismiss the court fees, calling them “excessive” and claimed that they were made in “bad faith.”

Judge Kahn agreed with the excessiveness of the fees and reduced them to $275,996.63 today to better reflect Pao’s resources.

Pao had offered…

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Your Bank Should Be More Like Your Waiter And Less Like Your Landlord


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The financial services industry in America is locked into a business model of exploitation. For far too long, this has gone largely unchecked and unquestioned, even when advances in technology mean it doesn’t have to be so.

Is It All In Our Heads?

Technological advancements in everything from communication to transportation have streamlined our daily lives, and new, inventive solutions to age-old problems appear every day. But the financial services sector still looks largely like it did 50 or even 100 years ago. Why has it taken so long for these types of updates to appear where — in many ways — they’re needed most?

The biggest problem has been in our thinking. We’ve come to view financial services not as an exchange, but as an opportunity for businesses to extract as much monetary value as possible from the customer. Companies use sophisticated pricing tools to exploit every customer disadvantage…

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SEC Reg A+ Will Now Let You Crowdfund Equity


Crowdfunding just got a little bit more interesting. According to SEC Regulation A+, as of today companies can secure funding via crowdfunding provided they are compliant with a set of very specific laws and standards.

“These new rules provide an effective, workable path to raising capital that also provides strong investor protections,” said SEC Chair Mary Jo White in a release dated March 25, 2015. “It is important for the Commission to continue to look for ways that our rules can facilitate capital-raising by smaller companies.”

According to the SEC there are two tiers to the new regulation: Tier 1 “for offerings of securities of up to $20 million in a 12-month period, with not more than $6 million in offers by selling security-holders that are affiliates of the issuer” and Tier 2 “for offerings of securities of up to $50 million in a 12-month period, with not more than…

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Air Force One officer: “Obama denies ETs exist. Photos prove ETs land on Capitol & in White House base.”

Air Force One officer: “Obama denies ETs exist. Photos prove ETs land on Capitol & in White House base.” ET Disclosure movement directed by Rockefeller/Jesuits for New World Order world government globalist power objectives

Air Force One officer: “Obama denies ETs exist. Photos prove ETs land on Capitol & in White House base”

ET Disclosure movement directed by Rockefeller/Jesuits for New World Order world government globalist power objectives

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – U.S. President Barack Obama was publicly called out on Extraterrestrials landing in a base under or around the White House during this interview with African-American veteran Wilbur “Will” Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

“Obama denies that Extraterrestrials exist,” Will Allen states. “Yet I…

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Taylor Swift Ditches Apple Music And Its Zero-Royalties Trial


Apple is acting greedy despite being one of the richest companies ever, and Taylor Swift is angry. When the Apple Music streaming service launches June 30th, users will get a three-month free trial. Yet rather than subsidizing that user acquisition cost from its enormous pile of cash, it plans to just not pay music rights holders any royalties. Taylor Swift says that’s why it won’t get to stream her hit-filled recent album.

The singer just published a bitter blog post (embedded below) on why she’s holding back ‘1989’, which includes blockbuster singles “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” (though you can stream her back catalogue). Swift says she’s got plenty of money, but missing three months of payouts could be tough for smaller musicians.

It’s the same reason that Beggars Group, which manages many independent artists, gave for its bands boycotting Apple Music. “We don’t ask you for…

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Gracious Eloise Opens Up API To Digitize Anyone’s Handwriting


Our handwriting, though slowly disappearing from existence, is one of the more unique things about us. But anyone who has ever sat down to write more than a dozen “thank you” notes knows how time-consuming it can be to hand-write everything.

That’s where Gracious Eloise comes in.

The company has developed an algorithm that digitizes anyone’s handwriting, letting users quickly type out their message and then translating it over to their own unique handwriting.

What’s more: Gracious Eloise never digitizes one message the same exact way. There are always tiny differences in the lettering or spacing, even if the copy is exactly the same, while still maintaining your particular ‘style’ of handwriting.

The platform also provides tools to tidy up your handwriting a bit or add some embellishments.

Unlike Bond, which uses a robotic arm to create handwritten notes, Gracious Eloise is an entirely digital platform that uses software…

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Improving Diversity Hiring In Tech


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I see a lot of articles written by well-intentioned people about how tech companies want to attract more diverse candidates. Usually, I don’t get more than three sentences in before I read about how the organization is making an effort to attract talent from historically black colleges and universities (or HBCUs, as we call them in my line of work). While the sentiment is in the right place, these kinds of diversity initiatives often fail in the execution.

In the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, you can stand on any street corner and watch who’s getting onto the buses that travel to the headquarters of the big-name tech giants. It’s easy to see how minorities in surrounding communities could be left with the message that those buses are not for them.

I started my technical recruiting career at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I was able to hire…

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Why humans run the world

History professor Yuval Noah Harari — author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind — explains why humans have dominated Earth. The reason is not what you might expect.

70,000 years ago humans were insignificant animals. The most important thing to know about prehistoric humans is that they were unimportant. Their impact on the world was very small, less than that of jellyfish, woodpeckers or bumblebees.

Today, however, humans control this planet. How did we reach from there to here? What was our secret of success, that turned us from insignificant apes minding their own business in a corner of Africa, into the rulers of the world?

We often look for the difference between us and other animals on the individual level. We want to believe that there is something special about the human body or human brain that makes each individual human vastly superior to a dog, or a pig, or…

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Start-Up Chile Launches Pre-Accelerator For Female Founders


Start-Up Chile, the government-backed accelerator program that’s funded over a thousand international startups in the past four years, is launching The S Factory, a pre-accelerator for female founders.

The 12-week program is designed to educate first-time women entrepreneurs with an intense course load that includes pitch training, an investor preparation lab, and progress reports from mentors.

“This is not a gender equality program, this is a diversity program,” says Sebastian Vidal of Start-Up Chile.

“Eighty-five percent of our startups [from the accelerator program] are founded by men and 15 percent by women, and if you look at the stats of each group separately, the results are not different at all. So why not increase that number and encourage more females in the country to get into tech?” Vidal says.

The percentage of female-founded startups that have participated in Start-Up Chile’s accelerator is on par with the percentage of venture-backed female founders in the U.S…

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Kleiner Perkins Creates A New Seed Stage Initiative That Will Give Founders New Software To Grow


Kleiner Perkins has launched a new, small seed stage investment initiative within its latest fund to invest in technology like virtual reality and drones that will offer founders a suite of additional services.

As part of this new fund called the Edge fund, Kleiner Perkins has brought on Roneil Rumburg, am engineer, and Ruby Lee, a product hire, to build software that will help those founders deal with various problems like recruiting and operations. Kleiner Perkins will write $250,000 checks as uncapped convertible notes.

“At beginning of this year or sometime late last year — maybe longer — [founding partner] Anjney [Midha] and I had been brainstorming,” Kleiner Perkins managing partner Mike Abbott said. “When were looking at the future of venture capital, we’re feeling pretty strongly there has to be more software and APIs that are offered by venture firms to existing portfolio companies, especially new ones.”

This fund has a bit of a different structure too…

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4 reasons why talented women don’t thrive in tech

We’ve all heard about the gender gap in tech. Women simply aren’t thriving in one of the most promising fields in the United States — and not for lack of talent. And here’s the truth: It’s not solely a problem for women. It’s a problem for men, too. In just five years, there will be a million unfilled computer science–related jobs in the United States, which according to our calculations could amount to a $500 billion opportunity cost. Tech companies are producing jobs three times faster than the U.S. is producing computer scientists. There are incredible opportunities here. We need women to help fill these jobs, and we need them now.

The reasons why women and people of color are not pursuing computer science jobs are complicated. I’ve thought a lot about this over the past 16 months, as I’ve directed my documentary on the subject, Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

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Challenges Of The Final Frontier


[tc_contributor_byline slug=”Grant-Imahara”]

Like many kids in my generation, I grew up with Star Trek. I’d watch the original series in re-runs and then the Next Generation in college. I found their take on space exploration fascinating and wondered if we would ever be able to explore the galaxy like Captain Kirk. In reality, space is one of the harshest environments that we as humans can face. Since we’re used to our oxygen-rich, solar-powered, radiation-shielded, one-g Earth, in order to explore the cold vacuum of outer space, we need a tremendous amount of ingenuity and determination.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems we face with actual manned space travel and see how movie and TV makers solved them compared to real life.


Space debris is a problem the International Space Station (ISS), shuttles and satellites have had to deal with on more than one occasion. NASA has strategies and procedures in…

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Google, Microsoft, Mozilla And Others Team Up To Launch WebAssembly, A New Binary Format For The Web


Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and the engineers on the WebKit project today announced that they have teamed up to launch WebAssembly, a new binary format for compiling applications for the web.

The web thrives on standards and, for better or worse, JavaScript is its programming language. Over the years, however, we’ve seen more and more efforts that allow developers to work around some of the limitations of JavaScript by building compilers that transpile code in other languages to JavaScript. Some of these projects focus on adding new features to the language (like Microsoft’s TypeScript) or speeding up JavaScript (like Mozilla’s asm.js project). Now, many of these projects are starting to come together in the form of WebAssmbly.

The new format is meant to allow programmers to compile their code for the browser (currently the focus is on C/C++, with other languages to follow), where it is then executed inside the JavaScript…

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So Far Net Neutrality Hasn’t Broken The Internet


The FCC’s net neutrality rules took effect last Friday, and TechCrunch is content to report that the broader technology landscape did not melt down.

A court denied a requested stay of the rules last week, setting the order live as expected. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in a statement, called the new regulations “a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators.”  Pre-echoing that point, Wheeler said earlier this year — during an interview with TechCrunch — that the new “Open Internet protections” are the “strongest” that “anyone has ever imagined.”

[tc_aol_on code=”518886116″]

Shares of Verizon — the future home of this publication, it seems — a company viscerally opposed to net neutrality, are down a fraction in a down market. Investors, it seems, aren’t pricing much downside into net neutrality in the immediate aftermath of its enaction.

There is a certain irony to the Verizon point. Verizon brought the last suit against net…

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This Data Visualization Tool Shines A Light On Money And Politics


Holding individual politicians to account in an age of big data should be more than possible. It should be trivially easy. The basic challenge is surfacing salient details amid ongoing noise — which is exactly where technology tools can shine.

Robust local news media, which traditionally played the scrutinizing role, has undoubtedly been weakened by the Internet. Which is why Solomon Kahn, who runs Paperless Post’s data team during the day, is building (and crowdfunding) a data visualization tool for U.S. political campaign contributions — to make it easier to follow the money to identify any corrupting influences on federal politicians.

He wants it to be a tool for journalists, as well as a way for the U.S. public to more easily understand their political representative’s corporate/union interests. He’s aiming for each politician tracked by the tool to have an overview landing page where salient details about how they finance their political campaign are surfaced. Users will be able to submit any notable details they discover — so he’s also looking to…

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