So Far Net Neutrality Hasn’t Broken The Internet


The FCC’s net neutrality rules took effect last Friday, and TechCrunch is content to report that the broader technology landscape did not melt down.

A court denied a requested stay of the rules last week, setting the order live as expected. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in a statement, called the new regulations “a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators.”  Pre-echoing that point, Wheeler said earlier this year — during an interview with TechCrunch — that the new “Open Internet protections” are the “strongest” that “anyone has ever imagined.”

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Shares of Verizon — the future home of this publication, it seems — a company viscerally opposed to net neutrality, are down a fraction in a down market. Investors, it seems, aren’t pricing much downside into net neutrality in the immediate aftermath of its enaction.

There is a certain irony to the Verizon point. Verizon brought the last suit against net…

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