CropX Rakes In $9 Million To Help Farmers Grow More With Less Water


As water levels in California drop to an all-time low, agriculture analytics startup CropX has developed a solution to help farmers optimize irrigation while keeping water usage to a minimum.

CropX uses a combination of three wireless sensors and a mobile app, which founder Isaac Bentwich calls the “Internet of Soil,” to determine exactly how much water needs to be applied to each part of the field.

“At the moment, there’s a huge, glaring omission within the whole of agriculture — virtually all agriculture systems irrigate land uniformly. Even the most advanced technology always treats land as though it was uniform,” says Bentwich.

It’s not — in a square-mile field, soil quality can vary widely, Bentwich explains. To solve this problem, CropX does a one-time analysis of each field, using publicly available data about the soil type and topography, and divides the land into irrigation zones.

CropX ships farmers three sensors, and the mobile app shows precisely where in the…

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